Skincare, however basic or elaborate is important on a day to day level as it’s our canvas.  It improves any make up application or to feel comfortable without any make up at all.  It’s also great to see a lot more men taking advantage of the benefits that come with looking after their skin.

The secret to great looking skin Austin Brewer
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Profhilo – Everything you need to know

Known as the secret weapon for many a celebrity and beauty insider.  In this blog we discuss Profhilo - everything you need to know. Profhilo is a “beneath the skin” moisturiser.  It is a revolutionary hyaluronic acid moisturising…
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3 Areas You Didn’t Know Dermal Fillers Could Be Used

Dermal fillers are incredibly versatile.  Which is why we thought we would let you know 3 Areas You Didn’t Know Dermal Fillers Could Be Used.  They can be used in all different ways and places dependent on the target placement…

Can Chemical Peels Remove Acne?

Are you are looking for an effective and safe solution to helping acne?.  Chemical peels are fantastic at reducing the appearance of acne.  At Austin Brewer facial aesthetics clinic, we provide chemical skin peels in Bournemouth .…
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5 Ways To Look Younger

Aging is a natural part of life. We believe in embracing your age and enjoying the wisdom that comes with every new experience. But looking younger than your official date of birth can give you a huge confidence boost! Learn the 5 ways to look…
skin consultation in Bournemouth & Poole

Why Book A Skin Consultation?

Skin care and wrinkle treatments can vary widely. From pricey skin creams to a variety of dermal fillers, it’s easy to get confused. A skin consultation is a great way to learn about your skin type and discover the best treatment to resolve…
Injectable moisturiser treatments in Bournemouth

What Are Injectable Moisturisers And Skin Boosters?

As the summer comes to close, most of us swap to a more heavy-duty moisturiser. The winter weather calls for a higher level of hydration and injectable moisturisers are be the ideal solution. Injectable moisturisers (or skin boosters) are the…
Can skin needling be done at home Austin Brewer answers questions
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Can Skin Needling be done at home?

With many home micro needling kits on the market, it is tempting to try them out and see how much you could save.  Can skin needling be done at home?.  Here we discuss what you should know about skin needling at home - and why you may reconsider…
Christmas anti wrinkle treatments With Austin Brewer

Beautiful skin this Christmas

Dare I say it?! Christmas is a mere blink of the eye away, although hang on there.  I’m not suggesting you rush out and buy your turkey right now…..but have you thought about having beautiful skin this Christmas? Even though you can’t…
Get Rid Of Bad Skin - Dorset's Best Skin Clinic Austin Brewer

How To Fix Bad Skin Once And For All

Do you have bad skin?.  Have you tried every product and old wives tale under the sun, but still suffer from bad skin.  Want to know how to fix bad skin once and for all?.  Our article will teach you all the essential tricks and tips. Austin…
The secret to great looking skin Austin Brewer

The Secret to Great Looking Skin Revealed in 4 Simple Steps

Do you want to know the secret to great looking skin? At Austin Brewer, we know how to improve your complexion with our great selection of rejuvenating skin treatments. Those laughter lines, red veins, and skin discolouration will be a thing…
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Are you Sun Savvy? Surprising facts about SPF’s

With all of us enjoying more time in the sun we thought it would be interesting to share some surprising facts about spf's.  We’ve all heard the basic facts about sunscreen: apply 15-30 minutes before sun exposure; wear daily to prevent…