Beautiful skin this Christmas

Christmas anti wrinkle treatments With Austin Brewer

Dare I say it?! Christmas is a mere blink of the eye away, although hang on there.  I’m not suggesting you rush out and buy your turkey right now…..but have you thought about having beautiful skin this Christmas?

Even though you can’t move through the department stores at the moment without being blinded by the array of sequins on offer.  I bet you even have your eye on a couple for all those fabulous parties you have lined up, right?. But what about your face?, after all it is the first thing that everyone notices when you walk in to the party, no matter how many sparkles are on your dress.

Now is the right time to act if you are wanting your face to look radiant throughout the holiday season.

Beautiful skin this Christmas….and forever

Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics we can offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to get you looking your best, not just for Christmas but seeing you through all the years to come.  How about some assistance smoothing those frown lines away, or maybe fuller more luscious lips for that special someone under the mistletoe? Or perhaps a smoother clearer complexion thanks to the latest chemical peel or dermal roller treatment.

We also recommend as always, an amazingly simple but extremely effective skincare regime that will keep you skin well nourished.  Even though those late nights will be adding up!.  It includes using an SPF 50, something you need to be wearing all year round.   I bet you’re surprised by me saying that, especially as we’re all dusting off our scarves and gloves at the moment.  Perhaps because your make up has SPF in it you think your covered, unfortunately even if your make up does have some spf, you would need to be putting it on so thickly, that unless your auditioning for pantomime dame this year.  It will never be enough coverage to protect you, and probably not the look you’re after!

Well that’s about all – just remember not to leave it to the last minute.  I know we are amazing here at Austin Brewer facial aesthetics!.  But we still need time to wave our magic wands too.  Call us on 07823 883888 or have a look at our website for more details on the treatments mentioned above www.austinbrewer.com. Get booked in for your free skin consultation at our skin clinic in Bournemouth. Then you can concentrate on dusting off the fairy and untangling those lights.