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Will Botox® Lift My Eyebrows?

Botox® is a fantastic way to reduce wrinkles on your face, commonly in areas such as the forehead and frown lines. But, if you are conscious of sagging eyelids and brows, Botox® can also give your eyebrows an extra lift to boost your confidence. Botox® can lift your eyebrows by injecting it into the areas […]

Can Chemical Peels Remove Acne?

If you are looking for an effective and safe solution to helping acne, chemical peels are fantastic at reducing the appearance of acne. At Austin Brewer facial aesthetics clinic, we provide chemical skin peels in Bournemouth with the added benefits of a highly qualified practitioner with skilled expertise. Here are a few ways that chemical […]

Top Tips for Skin Needling Aftercare

Many people ask us “Do microneedling really work?”. Our answer is always the same. Yes! But only if done correctly, safely and professionally and importantly, if the patient follows the correct aftercare. Dermaroller® micro skin needling is a non-invasive treatment where tiny needles are rolled across the skin, encouraging the skin to renew itself in […]

How To Find An Aesthetic Practitioner

Looking for the right aesthetic practitioner is becoming an important consideration for many consumers. This is mainly due to the drop in average age of clients for cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and Botox®, but also because the number of unhappy botched procedures have increased over the last few years. Don’t be one of […]

3 Ways You Can Contour Your Face and Jaw Using Fillers

Celebrities, make-up artists and social media influencers have been using contouring for years to enhance and create a more flattering facial appearance. Using a combination of concealer, bronzer and highlighter, contouring can give the illusion of prominent cheekbones, a slimmer nose and a more defined jawline. Although this makeup process can achieve good results, it […]

How a Non-Surgical Nose Job Can Transform Your Look

Non-surgical nose jobs are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to understand why. Results can be seen almost instantly, it’s more affordable than a rhinoplasty and the recovery time is minimal. If you’ve always wanted to tweak your nose shape to enhance your overall look, then read on and discover why a non-surgical […]

5 Ways To Look Younger

Aging is a natural part of life. We believe in embracing your age and enjoying the wisdom that comes with every new experience. But looking younger than your official date of birth can give you a huge confidence boost! Learn the best ways to bolster your self-esteem and look younger. Non-surgical face lifts Non-surgical face […]

What’s The Difference Between At Home And Professional Chemical Peels In Bournemouth?

With an influx of at-home skin peels on the market, you may be tempted to try and see what the fuss is about. If you are thinking about trying a chemical skin peel, read why a one-size-fits-all, over-the-counter option may not be the best for you: At home peels are not as effective Chemical peels are […]

Surgery Or Non-Surgical Facelift – Which Is Best For You?

If you’re looking for a way to revitalise, refresh and enhance your facial aesthetics you may have thought about having a facelift. With so many cosmetic treatments available, such as facelifts and facial remodeling, we look at what option would be best for you. Surgical facelifts A surgical facelift is designed to give you a […]

Where To Get The Best Botox In Bournemouth?

Thinking about Botox®? If you are starting your wrinkle treatment research, you know there are lots of providers to choose from. Read our expert advice on where you should get Botox in Bournemouth for safe, reliable and natural-looking results. High Street Botox® There has been a recent surge of Botox® wrinkle treatments available on the […]