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Welcome to Austin Brewer Aesthetics Practitioner & Skin Clinic in Bournemouth

Austin Brewer is a registered nurse practitioner with the NMC.  He opened his own medical skin clinic in 2004.  Austin Brewer is a specialised practitioner who has trained with the industry world leaders.

A professional practitioner near me?

We are conveniently located between Bournemouth, Poole & Sandbanks.  With 30 years of experience in the medical profession, you can therefore be assured you’re in safe hands with a professional practitioner.  Austin has his own dedicated private clinic, which has free parking.

Austin Brewer above all prides himself for only offering the very best to his clients.  Using the industry leading products –  Botox® & Juvederm® lip fillers, which have been proven to have long lasting results.

“Our approach is simple – research the finest products available that provide the best possible results.  While achieving the least possible pain and discomfort, with minimal side effects.”

Austin Brewer Botox® & Juvederm® Filler in Bournemouth & Poole

Here at our medical clinic Austin Brewer offers a range of facial aesthetic services & cosmetic treatments, including Botox® for smoothing unwanted wrinkles, also  Juvederm® lip & dermal fillers , Non surgical facelifts & skin peels, plus other treatments too, right here in Bournemouth & Poole.

Why choose Austin Brewer as your Aesthetics Practitioner?

Austin has always specialised in creating only the most beautiful and therefore natural results. Which is why he has consequently become a leading practitioner within the industry.  Offering appointments 7 days a week including evenings too.   Austin always strives to provide his clients with the latest innovative techniques by honing his skill set with continuous training.

His commitment and enthusiasm to his work certainly is a testament to the professional, unique and personal care that he dedicates to each individual.  As a result our clients wellbeing is always at the centre of all treatments we offer.

Would you like to book a free consultation?

Are you are interested in Botox®, Juvederm® lip fillers, jawline sculpting or non surgical facelift options in Poole & Bournemouth, or any of Austin’s other facial aesthetics treatments?, get in touch to book a no obligation, free skin consultation at his skin clinic in Bournemouth & Poole.  We look forward to meeting you.


“I visited a few other places and they didn’t really tell me much about the process of getting botox

done and I was skeptical.

But Austin Brewer talked me through the process and took years of

worry lines out of my face!

Couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone looking for botox in


“Barely felt anything when I had my botox treatment in Bournemouth at Austin Brewer.

Didn’t take long at all and the effects were just as I’d hoped.

 Not only that but the price of the botox treatment was a lot more affordable than other clinics I’d


“Had my botox done in Bournemouth by Austin Brewer because the skin around my eyes was

starting to show my age.

He literally rewound time!  My skin looks and feels so smooth and like it was 10 years ago!”

“I had heard dermal fillers would be painful but Austin Brewer was careful, used only the best

Juvederm filler.  

He reassured me all the way through so I didn’t find it too uncomfortable at all.

My lips look much fuller.

Definitely would recommend Austin Brewer in Bournemouth to anyone.”

“Austin has done my Botox for years and I would never let anyone else near my face.  

Very professional and really easy to talk to which puts you at ease.


”Without a doubt I would recommend Austin – By far the best in the business!”

“Very impressed with the effects of the Dermaroller skin needling.

Quick, easy and relatively


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