Austin Brewer on Uk Talk Radio

Austin on UK Talk Radio – December 2016

Austin Brewer appeared on UK Talk Radio in December to discuss the process and benefits of facial aesthetics including dermal fillers and hyperhidrosis treatments.

Click on the player to listen to Austin Brewer, a facial aesthetic practitioner in Bournemouth or read more about the interview below.

UK talk radio is a described as ‘The UK’s most exciting new speech radio station.  Personality driven radio at its best available to listen on digital radios, phones and tablets.  Austin Brewer, a facial aesthetic practitioner in Bournemouth, was asked to join UK talk radio.  To discuss dermal fillers and hyperhidrosis treatments; aesthetic treatments.  Which many start to consider due to the result of ageing creating unwanted wrinkles or the problem of excessive sweating.

Wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, the benefits of facial aesthetics austin-brewer

Many feel the pressure of a youthful appearance especially over Christmas and New Year.  With so many family gatherings and nights out, people want to look their best.  Frown lines and crow’s feet are the most prominent facial insecurities.  Which also affects confidence in the job market. ‘In all areas of life people tend to do business a lot better because they’re not giving away the facial clues of where they are in a business deal,’ said Austin.  Feeling confident in your appearance is bound to improve your confidence in the workplace, thus benefitting your performance.

The wrinkle treatments process

Once an initial consultation has taken place, during which Austin will discuss all the benefits of facial aesthetics.  Ensuring the client is happy with their wrinkle treatment options.  Austin will administer the muscle relaxants.  A series of injections will be administered into the muscles of the face that create the wrinkles, causing the muscles to relax and no longer contract.   The skin will smooth and therefore eliminate the wrinkles.

It reverses the ageing process, and with regular anti wrinkle treatments, the youthful look will be maintained.  As the muscles relax, a fresher and more rejuvenated look will be something to look forward to.

The dermal fillers process

Dermal fillers are an alternative wrinkle smoothing treatment, and another benefit of facial aesthetics.  These type of fillers are hyaluronic acid based, cross linked, double binded and made into a gel.  Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin.  So the dermal fillers are a natural product which can therefore be used to fill wrinkles and smooth the skin.

With such an emphasis on youth in the job market and a relationship, dermal fillers can benefit all areas of your life by making you look younger. Learn more about dermal fillers in Bournemouth.

Hyperhidrosis treatments

Excessive sweating makes life difficult, especially at work and developing relationships. Austin Brewer provides an effective hyperhidrosis treatment that involves injections used to fill the sweat glands and stop sweating. ‘When you’re working you can’t take your jacket off, it’s embarrassing for people,’ says Austin. ‘It’s quite disabling, people don’t realise how much they put up with it for many many years.’

A day or so after the injections, you won’t sweat for up to 9 months.

Free consultations with Austin Brewer

The consultation process involves a 15 to 20-minute conversation about what the client would like and Austin will recommend treatments. You can book a free consultation with Austin Brewer today to discuss wrinkle treatments, dermal filler and hyperhidrosis treatments in Bournemouth.