Ellansé Dermal Fillers

What is Ellansé dermal filler?

Ellansé is a tailor-made bioresorbable collagen stimulator that works by not only correcting the wrinkles and folds in your skin, but also by stimulating your body’s own collagen for a long-lasting, natural result. It is made of Poly-Caprolactone (PCI) and is fully resorbed by your body. Ellansé filler is a unique combination of total and predictable bioresorbable soft medical polymer. We are one of the only cosmetic treatment clinics providing Ellansé in Bournemouth.

How does Ellansé dermal filler work?

Collagen is one of the important support structures found naturally in our skin, helping to maintain the appropriate tightness, elasticity and suppleness. Over the course of time, our skin gradually loses its natural collagen, leading to facial laxity and the formation of wrinkles and folds.

Ellansé filler works differently to traditional dermal fillers, which only address lines, wrinkles and folds. Thanks to its unique properties, it stimulates the collagen to correct wrinkles and volumizes, contours and sculpts the skin.

How long do Ellansé fillers last?

The effects are gradual, giving you a natural youthful appearance that lasts approx 1 or 2 years dependent on the product used.  Ellansé lasts longer than regular dermal fillers as it is suitable for deep and subdermal uses.

To learn more about Ellansé treatments, please book a free consultation with Austin Brewer. Austin is a fully certified facial aesthetic practitioner offering a variety of treatments including Ellansé in Bournemouth. Please contact us on 07823 88388 for more information.