Over 25 Years of Experience in The Medical Profession

Austin Brewer specialises in providing high-quality facial aesthetics and skin treatments and has done since 2004.  Over this time, Austin has become a leading practitioner in aesthetics and works for clients all over the UK.

Austin believes in client wellbeing, therefore the importance of keeping up to date with the latest innovations in the facial aesthetic industry.  He is changing the face of cosmetic treatments , providing his clients with ground-breaking MD Codes.  Including the 8 point facelift.  Austin most importantly is fully trained and skilled in this cutting-edge dermal filler technique.  Designed to create youthful and natural looking results for any face shape and skin issue.

When you choose Austin Brewer, every client will receive a personalised and professional service dedicated to fulfilling your needs.

Beautiful & natural results

Austin Brewer uses only the highest-quality cosmetic injectables, combined with his advanced knowledge and expertise, he consequently provides exceptional results.  Popular treatments such as wrinkle smoothing treatments use Botox®.  Which can be used for smoothing lines on your forehead & reducing crow’s feet near your eyes.  Botox® can also be used medically to reducing excessive sweating (medically known as (Hyperhidrosis).

For all  dermal fillers, Austin Brewer only uses 100% hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for every treatment.  Our Juvederm® Dermal Fillers are used for filling in nose-to-mouth lines, cheek augmentation and giving lips a more plump appearance.

We also provide Dermaroller® treatments (Skin Needling) and medical grade skin peels.  These treatments stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.  This brightens and soothes the skin for a clear, glowing complexion.

Austin Brewer offers his patients tailor-made packages created to suit your individual needs.  We believe in providing our customers with great value treatments while never  compromising on quality or efficiency.  Our company offers some of the best value procedures in Bournemouth, Poole and Harley Street, London.

Guaranteed, Excellent Results

Would you like to smooth out your complexion and achieve younger looking skin?.  Austin Brewer is certainly the clinic to choose.  Whether you would like to smooth out deep set wrinkles or define and sculpt with dermal fillers.  We offer the very best Botox® and Juvederm® fillers available today.  All resulting in creating a younger and fresher look.  We recommend the best treatments personally for you.  A complete facial refresh and rejuvenation.

Austin Brewer’s facial aesthetics clinic between Bournemouth and Poole will provide advice and a treatment plan to suit your facial rejuvenation needs.  A natural and youthful complexion is only one phone call away. For a free, no-obligation consultation call Austin directly on 07823 883888.

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