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Lip filler treatments – What are they and how do they work?

Lip fillers here at our Bournemouth Medical Spa are a non-surgical filler treatment.  Lip fillers should always look natural and enhance the rest of your facial features, and when you come to Austin Brewer your lip filler is administered by Austin, who is an artistic technician giving you only the very best results that last.

We are an award winning clinic that offers only the very best clinically proven Juvederm ® filler for lip fillers which uses hyaluronic acid to define and plump lips. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body, specifically in fluid in the eyes and joints.  The risk of an adverse reaction is rare.  Lip fillers also known as lip enhancements can help eradicate those fine lines around the mouth that can develop due to age or smokers lines.  Fillers can also help correct a gummy smile and also any asymmetry in your lips.

Austin Brewer is a qualified aesthetic practitioner who will make you feel completely comfortable before, during and after your treatment.

Join us for a free consultation with Austin at our Bournemouth clinic.  You can relax as you speak with an industry leading expert to discuss your options.  Austin will answer any questions you may have and offer advice.  This will ensure Austin can achieve a beautiful and natural lip enhancement that complements the rest of your facial features.

Does lip filler hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different and some people may experience pain, discomfort or nothing at all during their treatment. We offer an excellent numbing cream if you require it.  This will help ease any discomfort. We will always do our best to comfort you through the process and make you feel at ease.

How long will it take to work?

Results are immediate, but remember you may swell.   If you’re planning to have your lips done for a special event,  we advise you to book in to our Bournemouth clinic as soon as possible.  This will also allow plenty of time for your 2 week check-up (which is of course included in the price).

How long does lip filler last?

The average time lip fillers last is 6 – 9 months, sometimes even longer.  We have many clients that it last for 1 year, imagine having beautiful naturally plump lips everyday without any lipstick or plumping lip gloss.  We only use the very best products here in our Bournemouth clinic.  All of the dermal fillers we use have proven clinical results – Juvederm® is our preferred partner for lip filler treatments.  

Which part of the lips can Be treated ?

Lip filler can be injected into the lip line for extra definition and also the actual lip to create fullness (known as the lip pulp).

More information all about lip fillers can be found in our latest blog here

To learn more about lip fillers in Bournemouth and other aesthetic services at Austin Brewer, please contact us on 07823 88388 or arrange a free consultation.

Lip fillers near me by Austin Brewer using Juvederm®