Botox is one of the most popular skin smoothing treatments in the UK.  Used as an anti-ageing treatment, injections will smooth away unwanted lines and wrinkles. Wrinkle smoothing treatments are the only procedure that directly targets the cause of the wrinkle.

Botched botox Austin Brewer in Bournemouth reviews article from the times newspaper
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Botched Botox

Don't be a victim of botched botox. Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, we have been saying for a very long time.  All potential aesthetics clients, please do your research. Please be careful.   Please only use a medically…
Non surgical facelift with Austin Brewer
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Non surgical facelift – All you need to know.

Would you like to freshen your appearance?. Do you hear the term facelift and panic? What about a non surgical facelift? So what is a non surgical facelift or liquid facelift?.   In this blog we will discuss all the details…
What clinic 5 star award for botox in bournemouth
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Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics receives What Clinic Award

Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, wins What Clinic Award for excellence in patient service Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics has been recognised with the What Clinic Patient Service Award 2020. An annual award based on patient service…

Will Botox Lift My Eyebrows?

Botox is a fantastic way to reduce wrinkles on your face.  Commonly in areas such as the forehead and frown lines.  Are you are conscious of sagging eyelids and brows?.  Botox can also give your eyebrows an extra lift.  Giving…
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5 Ways To Look Younger

Aging is a natural part of life. We believe in embracing your age and enjoying the wisdom that comes with every new experience. But looking younger than your official date of birth can give you a huge confidence boost! Learn the 5 ways to look…
best botox in bournemouth

Where To Get The Best Botox In Bournemouth?

Thinking about Botox? If you are starting your wrinkle treatment research, you know there are lots of providers to choose from. Read our expert advice on where you should get Botox in Bournemouth for safe, reliable and natural-looking results. High…
When is the best time to start Botox?

When Is The Best Time To Start Botox?

So, when is the best time to start Botox?.  We all know the basics of good skin care. Avoid smoking, sunbathing, get your eight hours of beauty sleep, ect. But lifestyle habits can have a varied effect on your skin depending on your age. Drinking…
What is a liquid face lift at Austin Brewer
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What is a liquid facelift?

What is a liquid facelift? Here at Austin Brewer we can offer an all round solution that’s better than a cream but less drastic than going under the knife.  Despite the claims of beauty creams, products and lotion, no external moisturiser…
lip flip botox in bournemouth

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

If you are on the hunt for full, pouty lips you may have heard of the latest cosmetic treatment trend the ‘Botox® Lip Flip’. But what is it? Learn more below from aesthetic practitioner in Bournemouth, Austin Brewer The difference between…
botox depression Austin Brewer

How does Botox treat depression?

When you are feeling down, it can be clearly seen in your facial expression. Many of us have childhood memories being told to ‘turn a frown upside down’, but can your facial expression affect how you feel? Physical ways Botox can help depression How…
Are botox injections safe - Austin Brewer

Are Botox Injections safe?

Botox has had a varied reputation over the years. From the initial health scares when Botox was first introduced as a cosmetic treatment, most people now accept that Botox is a safe way to treat wrinkles. Are botox injections safe?.  If you…
Botox vs Dermal Fillers with Austin Brewer
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Botox vs Dermal Fillers: which is best for you?

If you have heard the term Botox vs dermal fillers, you will know that both treatments reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But what is the difference between the two? Read on the discover how these treatments vary and which is…
Medical Grade Skin Peel Treatments With Austin Brewer

How to treat lines and wrinkles

Do you feel self-conscious about your lines and wrinkles? If you have tried countless creams but are not happy with the results, we have a range of cosmetic treatments that provide instant, seamless results. With many years of experience in…
Line and Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment in Bournemouth with Austin Brewer

Why Skin Clinics Are The Secret Ingredient To Great Skin

Do you have dry, blemished skin? Do you want to know how to get that healthy looking glow? At Austin Brewer, we let you in on the secret to great looking skin at one of the best skin clinics in Bournemouth. Throughout our lifetime, our skin…
Cheap botox & fillers beware says Austin Brewer
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Cheap Botox & Fillers? – You get what you pay for……

Cheap botox & fillers...have you been seduced by the thought of having a medical treatment done "on the cheap?".  Have you actually thought about why it is so cheap?.  Wrinkle treatments are amazing, and can have wondrous results.  However…