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Creative Artistry in Cosmetic Treatments

Creative Artistry  in Cosmetic Treatments

I know we talk a lot about how important it is to have the appropriate qualifications and insurance in place to carry out facial aesthetics.  This is very very important.  Read our lip filler and Botox blog, for further information.  But something that is very often overlooked is the creative artistry in cosmetic treatments. 

How creative is the eye and hand of your aesthetics practitioner?

This question should also be an important point to consider when having wrinkle treatments.  Sometimes it’s nice to keep those “smile” lines that make you, well you!.  Also to retain that important eyebrow movement so you don’t look frozen, but still with no wrinkles.  

But it’s particularly important if you’re considering dermal fillers.  As this is when creative artistry in cosmetic treatments is even more important.  

We can all spot “bad work” but you rarely notice the great work, and that’s the point.

When we notice that someone has had lips fillers, it’s more often than not for all the wrong reasons.  Very often they are too large, a common mistake of the aesthetic practitioner.  By simply not looking at the patients other features and therefore not complimenting their overall appearance, you become a walking set of lips.  Or perhaps they’re simply the wrong shape, maybe it’s a “one size fits all” and that’s all the practitioner can do?.  Or the worst reason, too much filler anywhere is inexcusable.  Most often purely for financial gain and not with your wellbeing at the forefront of the treatment.

So here’s a story about how I discovered Austin’s outstanding artistic ability…

Since I met Austin he’s always told me that many years ago he used to enjoy drawing.  Now don’t get me wrong I did think that he was probably quite good, maybe very good.  I just wasn’t quite expecting how AMAZING he truly was!

This all started a while ago when he ordered some “artist” pencils online, I was supportive and contributed a lovely sketch pad – then nothing happened….. until, out of the blue the other day we went on a trip to our local artist supplies (I came out armed with a pad and a few pencils too, feeling rather inspired!).  And so he started.  The result was absolutely stunning, so stunning that I had to share it with you all.

And yes this is his pencil drawing, no photo editing results here you know!

Dermal fillers is the wrong hands

The point that I really want to make is that in the right hands dermal fillers can really make an amazing difference, in the wrong hands they can look terrible, pull the face down and make it sag which defeats the whole purpose.

We use derma fillers that are 100% Hyaluronic acid – a substance which is present in everyone already.   Your body is therefore able to break it down over a gradual period of time, so your fillers always maintain a natural look.  One of Austin’s favourite treatments to do are lips, and this is where his creativity truly excels, his technique combined with the quality products we use produce such beautiful and natural results he really should be the only person to see if you are thinking of having your lips done, or any cosmetic treatment for that matter!

For further information about the cosmetic treatments available from Austin Brewer , including chemical peels and derma roller treatments, or to book a free initial skin consultation, please call Austin directly on 07823 883888