How to find the best Skincare Products…plus Free Tips for Great Skin

Cosmetic treatments to smooth out those wrinkles, improve the texture with skin needling, or plump up with dermal fillers can provide a fast, safe and effective method of gaining healthy, revitalised looking skin. However, it is important to ensure that whatever else you are putting on your face is maintaining the quality too; you’re just wasting your hard earned money on all these procedures if you haven’t got the basics right in the first place.

So step away from the beauty counters and read the following – trust us – and it won’t break the (piggy) bank!

Remember that age when the curiosity began with make up and after experimenting with eye shadow (was it blue?!) the eyeliner, probably making you look like a panda and of course that lovely bright lipstick, all raided from your mums make up drawer. You proudly look in the mirror and gazing back at you were the fruits of your labour, then you realise you’ve got to get it all off again, after frantic rubbing with tissues that just seemed to make it smear and leave your skin red raw, you search your mum’s drawer further to find “eye make up remover, cleanser, face mask, toner, eye cream, moisturiser, serum, day cream, night cream, emollients”  hmmm, what on earth is all that for?

Fast forward to now. How many of us are still using the products that our Mum, sister or friends use, or are following these out dated theories in pursuit for “perfect” skin all pushed on us by massive marketing campaigns produced by the multi million pound companies that tell you, you need all this stuff – really! If it’s all so good why do they need to keep re-releasing a newer version of the same products, how many do we really need?

Skin needs to be clean but that does not translate in to “scrub the hell out of it”, you need to ensure that you are removing the dead skin and doing so with the most gentle of cleansers so you’re not stripping your skin of all it’s natural oils, if you don’t exfoliate it’s just going to make your skin look dull, dull, dull, and whether you do it daily with a rub of the flannel as you shower or twice weekly with some exfoliating mitts this is an important step to achieve a clean canvas, otherwise how are you ever going to get your foundation looking amazing if you’re trying to cake it over flaking skin, never a good look. If you are looking to fully exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, why not treat yourself to a chemical peel in Bournemouth?

Next you need to give your skin a drink….

Hydration is important for your body and your skin, over 50% of our entire body weight is made up from water, and in babies it’s up to 75%! that’s why they’re all squidgy and not wrinkly.  Hydrating the skin is also another area where we are sucked into believing lots of mis-information kindly provided by those big companies I mentioned earlier, believe it or not, those magic serums that claim to hydrate in to deep levels of your skin simply don’t, in order to transport the moisturisers that deeply, they would need to contain harsh vitamins, acids or chemicals to burn through your layers of skin, and by doing so would ultimately dry your skin even further, so put that credit card away.  If these theories were true, every time we got in the bath we’d soak up all the bath water! think about it!  So a simple hydrant is what you need and Hyaluronic acid (which is naturally present in everyone’s body and dermal fillers) is the best way to go about it, as this will get to the levels it needs to.  The next and final step (yes only 3 steps!) and this is only in the morning, is to put on an SPF 50, those uva rays are always present and don’t just come from the sun, it’s as important to put your uva filter on, even on the greyest and rainiest days as well as the sunniest ones, just because you can’t see the sun, it can see you, if it wasn’t there we’d all be bumping in to each other as it’d be pitch black every day!

So that’s it, simple and lets be realistic who has the time or inclination to spend ages in front of the mirror each day, twice a day, smoothing, massaging, tapping and whatever else, all these different products in to their skin, I bet it feels like a thick mask by the time you’ve finished too

As a facial aesthetic practitioner, Austin has many clients that are regularly asking him what they should be doing with their skin, to enable them to get the best possible results from their cosmetic treatments, so a few years ago is when all the research began and after many meetings with reps and trials of many different products across the whole of the cost spectrum, we have developed a kit which will get your skin to looking and feeling it’s best.  These products are gentle and suitable for nearly all skin types (the cleanser we selected has only 5 ingredients) so no more putting one wrong product on your skin then using a whole array of other products to counteract it’s negative effects! This kit works! and costs just £1 a day!

Let me leave you with one final thought; if you lined up 4 ladies, one in their 20’s, one in their 30’s, one in their 40’s and one in their 50’s I bet you could roughly guess their age, then if you tried to do the same with the same 4 ladies but, only using pictures of their bums (buttocks!) I bet it would be a lot more difficult – as our bums have not been exposed to the elements and the sun each day and they certainly haven’t had a cocktail of products put on to it over the years.  In fact I bet it still looks pretty peachy!

Worth thinking about before you reach for that next miracle serum!

If you would like any further information on how you can improve your skin’s condition with chemical peels or dermaroller skin needling, give Austin Brewer a call on 07823 883888 or arrange a free skin consultation in Bournemouth today!

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