Skin needling or Dermaroller treatments are an excellent way to promote your body’s own collagen, resulting in youthful and plump skin.  Other benefits include assisting with scarring and fine lines.

Top Tips for Skin Needling | Dermarolling Aftercare

Many people ask us “Does Dermarolling / micro needling really work?”. Our answer is always the same. Yes! But only if done correctly, safely and professionally and importantly, if the patient follows the correct aftercare.

Dermaroller® micro skin needling is a non-invasive treatment where tiny needles are rolled across the skin, encouraging the skin to renew itself in a controlled manner. After the initial rest time, the difference between the dermarolling before and after effects are profound. The skin will look more youthful and scarring from acne and stretchmarks will be visibly reduced.

Why the Dermarolling |skin needling aftercare is important?

The aftercare of skin needling & dermarolling is particularly important. This is because the process makes the skin delicate during the healing process. Post-treatment infections are extremely rare, as the pricking channels close within minutes. If the treatment is done under clean, careful clinical condition there should be no complications.
With all that said, following these tips to ensure your glowing skin lasts.

Avoid exercise after your dermarolling appointment

Many people love hearing this advice! This is your written doctor’s note to be lazy for at least the next 48 hours after the Dermaroller® micro skin needling treatment. Try your best not to sweat, so no gym, weights or running. Sweating opens the pores of your skin and bacteria might be able to enter the reopened skin punctures, which could lead to a reaction or infection. Please also avoid saunas, hot tubs and any conditions gets you overheating.

Avoid the sun and sunscreen

We also recommend you avoid the sun after a dermaroller treatment. UV light can harm to the skin during the healing process.
The skin will be highly sensitive after the micro needling. Avoid moisturisers and sunscreen for 24 -48 hours, as the oils may enter the skin channels.

Avoid “Active Ingredient” skin products

Products with “active ingredients” usually include substances like Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retinol and other similar agents. These ingredients can potentially irritate the skin after microneedling and delay the healing process.

Avoid makeup

You definitely do not want your makeup penetrating the pores and causing further irritations. Makeup brush bristles can penetrate the pores that have been opened by the microneedling process. Dirty make up brushes may also cause negative side effects.

Ensure your hands are always clean

Pay extra care that your hands are always clean after dermaroller treatment and try to avoid touching your face. You do not want dirt and bacteria getting in contact with the skin while it is healing.

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Why you should try derma roller micro needling for stretch marks

Derma rollers are tiger stripes & battle scars best option to help them improve. Whatever you want to call them, stretch marks can be tough to get rid of. When the summer heat calls for less clothes, stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious. If your stretch marks are getting you down, read on to discover how derma roller treatment can help.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are long, thin marks on the skin. They are often caused when the skin expands rapidly, such as during puberty, pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Stretch marks are often red-purple to begin with and slowly fade to a silver-white. It is estimated that 80% of women have stretch marks either on their stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts or arms.

Can stretch marks go away?

It is very unlikely your stretch marks will heal 100%. Although they may fade, a residual tear will remain permanently. There is a plethora of creams and gels that claim to eradicate stretch marks. However most of these only show minimal results on the surface area of the skin. However, there are cosmetic treatments that can help.

How does micro needling help stretch marks?

Dermaroller microneedling targets the middle layer of the skin. Tiny needles are rolled across the damaged areas to create miniscule pinpricks. These tiny pricks stimulate the body to produce collagen to heal and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Your stretch marks will diminish and your skin will look great!

Where can I get derma roller treatment in Bournemouth?

Avoid the temptation to try micro needling at home! Always consult a professional who can best advise the level of treatment you need, for the most effective results. Austin Brewer is a qualified, aesthetic practitioner, with over 25 years of experience.

If you are interested in trying micro needling or dermal fillers at our skin clinic in Bournemouth, call us today on 07823 883 888 and book your free skin consultation.

Can Skin Needling be done at home?

With many home micro needling kits on the market, it is tempting to try them out and see how much you could save.  Can skin needling be done at home?.  Here we discuss what you should know about skin needling at home – and why you may reconsider buying that dermaroller home kit!

Home kit dermaroller needles are different

The needles included in a micro needling home kit are less than 1mm. Professional dermaroller treatments use needles that are between 1mm and 3mm. Longer needles are necessary for treating deeper skin damage, such as acne scars and wrinkles.

Professional skin needling will achieve better results

Perhaps unsurprisingly, dermaroller treatment performed by a professional will be more effective and last longer.  Professionals have an array of different derma rollers and can use the best ones to suit your skin. A medical professional will also have the training and experience to create an effective micro needling treatment plan.

Evaluate which cosmetic treatment is right for you

Micro needling is not safe if you have very sensitive skin, cold sores or inflammatory conditions such as rosacea. A medical professional will assess if skin needling is safe for you as an individual. If you are looking for rosacea treatment, consider thermavein treatment instead.

Professional aesthetic practitioner clinics are safer

By visiting an experienced aesthetic practitioner, you can be assured the procedure will take place in a clean and sterile environment. All equipment will be sterilised or cleaned with a specialist cleaner between treatments. It is essential to disinfect equipment properly, as infection can be a dangerous side effect of micro needling. Professionals have also completed training to perform the procedure in a safe manner. By attempting the skin needling yourself, there is a risk you may cause scarring or bruising to your skin.

If you would like a safe dermaroller treatment, visit our skin clinic in Bournemouth. Austin Brewer is an experienced and certified aesthetic practitioner and is dedicated to achieving amazing results. Contact us now to book your free skin consultation or call on 07823 883888.

Skin Rejuvenation in Bournemouth

Ready to find out where to go to get the best skin treatments in Bournemouth?.  Say goodbye to dry skin, when you read about the top tips of the beauty industry that are proven to bring a youthful glow back to your cheeks.

Over the years, your skin has gone through a lot. From cold and harsh weather environments to damaging beauty products, it is no wonder your skin is feeling worn and tired. However, with Austin Brewer offering treatments for skin rejuvenation in Bournemouth, you no longer have to put up with it.

So put down those shop-bought beauty products and see your face instantly transform with our skin rejuvenation in Bournemouth. Read the five ways our facial treatments will rejuvenate your skin here:

Skin rejuvenation in Bournemouth

Injectable moisturiser

Is your skin feeling a little dry? or maybe looking lacklustre?.  Then why not try Juvederm Volite, an injectable moisturiser designed to hydrate the skin from within.  This is brilliant injectable moisturiser for your skin, leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

Juvederm Volite is one of our most popular treatments for skin rejuvenation in Bournemouth due to its wealth of benefits:

  • Extremely safe treatment
  • Instant and effective results
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Can be used on the Face, Neck, Décolletage and Hands

Look instantly younger

If you want to regain that youthful appearance, why not try our skin rejuvenation Dermaroller treatment? Otherwise known as skin needling, Dermaroller treatment provides instant skin rejuvenation that restores the youthful glow to your face. Dermarolling gets the skin in the mode of self repair, where newly regenerated skin is created to give a softer and tighter feel than before.

Glowing shine

Have you lost that glow to your face? If your skin is looking dull and tired, reviving it with our chemical peel treatment is the perfect solution for skin rejuvenation in Bournemouth. Skin peels are simple procedures designed to exfoliate the skin, whilst reducing the signs of aging and decreasing the risk of blotches and acne. If you need a skin rejuvenation treatment in Bournemouth to revitalise damaged skin and leave your face glowing, Austin Brewer’s chemical peels are perfect.

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How Long Do Dermarolling Treatments Last?

We’d all like an effective skincare treatment that shows lasting results and dermarolling could offer just that.

Dermarolling is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment.  Whereby a series of micro-medical needles are rolled gently across the skin. This is done in order to create tiny surface injuries, which will then encourage the skin to heal itself.

In kick-starting the healing process, collagen and elastin production is stimulated. These two naturally occurring substances are the reason behind the skin’s firmness and elasticity.  As we age, the levels of collagen and elastin naturally decrease, which increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By encouraging this small-scale regeneration with skin needling .  Your skin’s complexion can improve and appear smoother and more youthful.

How Long Do Dermarolling Treatments Last?

As a procedure Dermaroller skin needling treatment takes up relatively little time.  It can be undertaken during a lunchtime or an afternoon.  However please note that skin needling is not a try-once procedure with immediate results.  It should also be noted that there will be redness after treatment.  In order to stimulate the continual renewal of the collagen and elastin, regular courses of skin needling should be considered.

You should look to book dermaroller treatments every two months.  As in the long run this will have a greater positive impact on your skin. The answer to how long dermarolling lasts is directly related to the care and attention you give your skin.  Both in terms of treatments and terms of aftercare.  Micro needling as an effective skin treatment can last as long as you want it to last.  And as long as you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards.

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Alternatively you can take a look at our other blogs, which answer more questions related to dermarolling among our other cosmetic treatments.

Dermaroller for Acne Scars

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects many people at some point in their lives. A course of treatment using a Dermaroller for acne scars can help.  Acne causes spots which can normally be found on the face, back and chest. These spots can range from mild black and whiteheads to more severe, pus-filled pustules and cysts. The deeper the acne is the more likely it is to damage skin and leave scars. Dermarolling can be offered as an acne scarring treatment to alleviate the damaged look of your skin.

What do acne scars look like?

Acne scars can appear in three forms:

  • Ice pick scars – small, deep holes that look like skin has been punctured by a sharp object like a needle.
  • Rolling scars – caused by bands of scar tissue below the surface of the skin. Can give the surface of the skin an uneven appearance.
  • Boxcar scars – shallow, crater-like depressions.

Dermaroller for acne scars

Dermarolling can offer a relief to those who suffer from the deep wounds left behind by acne. Acne scar removal can help people with confidence issues related to this skin condition and give them a new lease of life!

Dermarolling as an acne scarring treatment uses the micro needles present on the Dermaroller® to create tiny injuries just on the surface of the skin. These tiny injuries stimulate the production of collagen, which is a protein responsible for skin’s elasticity and tone. With the extra production of collagen, skin can start to ‘fill’ these scars and correct the pain and anguish caused by the presence of these pockmarks.

Regain your self confidence with Austin Brewer

Austin Brewer has specialised in Facial Aesthetics since 2004 and therefore is experience in the field of facial rejuvenation.  Austin can guide you through your acne scarring treatment with maximum care and minimal fuss. To find out more about our non invasive cosmetic treatments call us on 07823 883 888.

Does Dermarolling or Skin Needling Hurt?

Before we dive into “Does dermarolling or skin needling hurt?”.  Let’s discover why we need these treatments, and how our skin changes over time.  Collagen is an important protein responsible for the strength and elasticity of our skin.  Unfortunately as time passes, the levels of collagen present in our skin decrease.  This causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and propelling the visual ageing process.  Dermarolling or skin needling is a popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment.  It is a minimal fuss option.  For those who would like to renew or rejuvenate the skin for a cleaner, smoother look.

If you would like to improve the complexion of your skin.  You can treat it for any form of skin pocking or damage.  Such as acne scarring, chicken pox scarring, or stretch marks.  Then skin needling could be the answer to your problems.  If you are interested in other cosmetic treatments to improve the look of acne-scarred skin.  Learn more about our chemical face peels in Bournemouth.

By using a Dermaroller®, a number of micro needles are gently rolled across the skin in order to create tiny injuries.  These micro injuries encourage the skin to heal itself, which includes an increased production of collagen. Don’t worry though – as the needle columns shallowly enter the dermis of the skin, there is no long lasting visual effect from the micro needling.

The pain associated with a dermaroller® treatment is directly related to the length of the micro needles.  Starting at 0.2mm, you will experience a mild tingling sensation but nothing near pain or discomfort.  As the length of the needle increases so does the related sensation.  However you can rest assured that you will never experience more than you are prepared for.

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Does dermarolling or skin needling hurt? everyone’s pain threshold is different, numbing cream can be provided.  If you would like to know more about dermaroller treatments in Bournemouth, please call 07823 883888 to book your free skin consultation.

Established in 2004,  Austin Brewer is the leading non-invasive facial aesthetics practitioner.  With clients from all over Dorset, London and Hampshire you can feel safe and assured.  Your wellbeing is priority in Austin Brewer’s skin clinic in Bournemouth.

What is Skin Needling and What Does Dermarolling Do?

Also known as dermarolling, skin needling is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that offers a safe option when you want to renew your skin.  For a smoother, brighter, more youthful complexion.

As we age, collagen – the substance behind the elasticity and firmness of youthful skin.  Collagen reduces and contributes to the increase in fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin needling is a non-invasive treatment that encourages the skin to renew itself in a controlled manner.

What is a Dermaroller?

A tool called a Dermaroller® is used whereby a series of micro needles are rolled across your skin. These small needle columns don’t remove the surface of the skin like chemical peels.  They penetrate the dermis of the skin to create micro injuries.  These tiny injuries kickstart the skin’s natural healing abilities.  Which amongst other things include the production of collagen.

The great thing about dermarolling is that it does not need to remove any surface layers like a chemical peel.   But rather encourages a natural process to renew the skin.  However, skin needling isn’t just for looking more youthful.  The renewal process can be used for a range of different skin treatments.  Including acne scarring, chicken pox scars, stretch marks and aged or pigmented skin.  With dermarolling, scars and pocks can appear reduced for a smoother and more even complexion.

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Austin Brewer has been providing superior non-invasive cosmetic treatments to clients across London and the South Coast since 2004.   You can be safe in the knowledge that your face is in the right hands.  Whether you choose a dermaroller or any other treatment with Austin Brewer.

A Guide to Skin Needling and Dermarollers®

A Guide to Skin Needling and Dermarollers®

A treatment that’s still relatively unheard of is skin needling with a Dermaroller®.  Read on to discover the benefits of micro needling.  Including how it can help you achieve the rejuvenated skin you’ve always desired…

What is a Dermaroller treatment and skin needling?

Skin needling is the treatment whereby a wheel of small, delicate needles is rolled gently across the skin. This causes the body to stimulate the skin’s repair process.  A Dermaroller® is the tool used for the skin needling.

How does skin needling help?

Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy provides advanced micro-medical skin needling.  A procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Why is micro needling effective?

After a Dermaroller™ treatment your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin.  Working below the surface in the dermis. This takes time as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced. It can take up to 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen.  The process will continue over the following months, providing you with a natural and long lasting enhancement.

How is it done?

We’ll start with a free skin consultation to discuss your treatment.  Once we have established a course of treatment suitable to achieve the best results possible.   During your needling treatment,  I will roll and criss-cross the Dermaroller® working over the area of skin to be treated.  Dermarollers® can be applied to any type of skin.  Making this procedure suitable to all ethnicities and types of skin

Will skin needling hurt?

Skin needling is not a pampering treatment.  It is a cosmetic treatment to get results.  Everything will be done to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your Dermaroller treatment.

And after?

You may experience some redness and very mild swelling after the treatment (a little like sunburn).  But within 8 hours this will subside and you’ll begin to notice the benefits.

How many treatments are recommended?

Ideally, micro needling should be done every 6-8 for optimum results. With such minimal down-time, you’ll be eager to come back for more!

We hope you found our guide to skin needling helpful.  For more information about skin needling and Dermarollers® in Bournemouth, contact Austin Brewer via telephone on 07823883888. Why not browse some of our other treatments – Botox®in Bournemouth remains one of Austin Brewer’s most popular and in-demand treatment at our private cosmetic clinic.