Lip fillers in Poole

Lip Fillers in Poole

Lip fillers in Poole with advanced lip enhancement expert Austin Brewer.  

Your lip filler injections at our dedicated clinic in Poole are the perfect treatment for shaping and plumping your lips.

Restore lost volume and eliminate smoker & lipstick lines.  As a non-surgical dermal filler treatment, this procedure is quick with little downtime.

Beautiful & natural lip fillers created by an Award Winning Industry Leading Expert

Dermal lip fillers should always look natural and enhance the rest of your facial features.  When you come to Austin Brewer your lip fillers are administered by Austin.  Austin is an artistic technician giving you only the very best results that last.

Choose an award winning practitioner for the very best lip fillers

We are an award winning clinic that offers only the very best clinically proven Juvederm filler for lip fillers.  Which uses hyaluronic acid to define and plump lips.  Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body, specifically in fluid in the eyes and joints.  The risk of an adverse reaction is rare.

What do lip fillers do?

Lip filler cosmetic treatments also known as lip enhancements or lip augmentation will plump and hydrate your lips and give them beautiful shape.  Lip fillers can also be used to create a crisper and more defined outline to your lip line (vermillion border), and provide an improvement to shape and fullness of the cupid’s bow.  You can also have lip filler to help eradicate those fine lines around the mouth that can develop due to age or smokers lines.  Lip fillers can also help correct a gummy smile and also any asymmetry in your lips


Although we all have asymmetry in our faces – one side is never identical to the other.  When the asymmetry is in your lips and it’s noticeable, it can be frustrating and sometimes upsetting.  When your lips are very uneven it can even affect your speech and even how you eat.  The causes of lip asymmetry vary, but can include tissue imbalance or muscle weakness.  Lip asymmetry can happen in one or both lips.

Luckily, if you want to make your lips more even, there is a way.

Lip fillers or lip augmentation can provide the answer.  Austin Brewer can use lip injections of Hyaluronic acid to even out the shape of your lips.  Austin will use his creativity and artistry to create symmetry in your lips.  All without making them look too big or fake. The effects are immediate and will last approx 1 year to 18 months.

Longevity of lip fillers varies from person to person.

Your own health and lifestyle all impact how long they actually will last.  There is little to no downtime as lip fillers are a non surgical procedure.  You will be able to continue with your day after treatment.   Dermal lip fillers are an ideal solution to lip asymmetry.


A gummy smile, technically know as gingival. Happens when you smile and too much of your gum above your top teeth is on show.  Gummy smiles occur for different reasons; short upper lip, excessive gum tissue or small teeth – all of these causes are genetic.

There are a number of ways that can correct a gummy smile.

Surgery, dental work or botox can all be used effectively.  However lip fillers can also help.  By creating a plumper, fuller lip, it will recede less when you smile. Thereby showing less of the gum above the teeth. The added bonus of using dermal fillers for a gummy smile is that they have the added benefit of fixing any fine lines (lipstick or smokers) that you may have around your lips.


Dermal lip fillers are excellent for treating smokers and lipstick lines around the mouth.  Austin Brewer can administer the fillers to give you a subtle improvement in the fullness of your lips. He can define the lip line, also known as the vermillion border. Or he can simply fill the vertical lines around the mouth area.  The exact way the fillers are used to correct the lines around the mouth are unique to the individual.

Unfortunately these lines can prematurely age the rest of your face.

It is best not to wait until the lines are very deep. As treatment for the vertical upper lip lines is much more effective when caught early.  However, deeper one can be treated, along with the other lines that maybe causing concern that surround the mouth area.  The nose to mouth lines also known as nasolabial lines. The mouth to chin lines, these are known as marionette lines.  These dermal filler treatments can also treat what we know as “sad mouth”. The term unfortunately comes due to gravity along with the ageing process.