Lip fillers at our leading Bournemouth aesthetics clinic are the perfect injectable treatment for shaping, plumping and hydrating your lips.  With natural results, lip fillers can also help with asymmetry, gummy smiles and smokers/lipstick lines.

Botched botox Austin Brewer in Bournemouth reviews article from the times newspaper
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Botched Botox

Don't be a victim of botched botox. Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, we have been saying for a very long time.  All potential aesthetics clients, please do your research. Please be careful.   Please only use a medically…
What clinic 5 star award for botox in bournemouth
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Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics receives What Clinic Award

Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, wins What Clinic Award for excellence in patient service Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics has been recognised with the What Clinic Patient Service Award 2020. An annual award based on patient service…
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3 Ways Lip Fillers Can Improve Your Smile

Lip fillers are one of the most popular non surgical aesthetic treatments in the UK today.  Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, lip fillers are certainly one of the most requested treatments.  Usually lip fillers are requested…
Austin Brewer Lip Fillers
Are lip fillers any good? blog by Austin Brewer
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What do I need to know about getting Lip Fillers near me?

Lip fillers are everywhere and they’re here to stay. So how do you choose which practitioner to let near your face?. Do you just google “Lip fillers near me”. “cheap lip filler” Or “Lip filler price”. What do I really need…
The best dermal fillers in Bournemouth & Poole

The best dermal fillers in Bournemouth & Poole for cheeks & face

Are you looking for the best dermal fillers in Bournemouth & Poole? Nothing looks so youthful as a face with full, round cheeks. Although many of us may resent ‘baby face’ in our early years, the difference when volume is lost in the…
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Get fuller lips for Valentines Day with lip fillers

It’s nearly that time of year again. Why not celebrate the most romantic day of the year with kissable fuller lips? Lip fillers in Bournemouth are one of our most popular treatments. Read on to see why now is the best time to book your lip…
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Why are lip fillers so popular?

Why are lip fillers so popular?, Full, plump lips are a huge trend right now, so it makes sense that lip fillers are in demand! But what else is causing the rise of lip fillers? We look at the many reasons why more and more people are trying…
Austin Brewer on Uk Talk Radio

Austin Brewer on UK Talk Radio: Lip Fillers

Recently, facial aesthetic practitioner Austin Brewer appeared on UK Talk Radio.  Discussing the treatment of lip fillers and some of the worries clients initially have after the procedure. With many celebrities often choosing lip fillers…
How long do Lip fillers last? Austin Brewer answers lip filler questions

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

How long do lip fillers last? Many people visit the Austin Brewer Clinic for lip fillers in Bournemouth and ask how long fillers last?.  Lip fillers are like any non-invasive cosmetic surgery; and lip and aesthetic treatment results and longevity…
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Everything You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

There’s no denying that lip fillers are one of the most sought after beauty treatments of the moment. We’re all the same in that we want the most for our money and we want it now. This is where lip fillers truly deliver, as the results are…
Lip fillers in Bournemouth with Austin Brewer

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

At the Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics Clinic we get many clients interested in lip and dermal fillers. We are asked  what lip fillers are and how long lip fillers last.  Today we’re going to talk about the other aspect of lip fillers: do…
What are lip fillers - Austin Brewer

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers (also known as dermal fillers, lip enhancements or lip plumping) are a cosmetic treatment which gives fuller, plumper lips.  Filler treatments can also correct and fix lip asymmetry and a gummy smile. Originally, dermal fillers…
Lip fillers in Bournemouth Lip fillers in Poole Lip fillers near me by Austin Brewer using Juvederm®

4 Reasons to get Lip Fillers in Bournemouth

Want to know 4 good reasons to get lips fillers in Bournemouth?.  Austin Brewer is a leading Dorset practitioner.  Who has helped patients fulfil their beauty goals since 2004 with lip fillers in Bournemouth. Using only the finest products…