3 Ways Lip Fillers Can Improve Your Smile

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Lip fillers are one of the most popular non surgical aesthetic treatments in the UK today.  Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics, lip fillers are certainly one of the most requested treatments.  Usually lip fillers are requested to improve the fullness of the lips. But we thought we’d share 3 ways lip fillers can improve your smile with some other very popular concerns. All of which are treated with dermal lip fillers.

It is nearly impossible to open a magazine and not have at least one celebrity, looking back at us with lips that have clearly been enhanced.  Whether they are done well or not is another issue. Ironically it tends to be the lips that have been done well, are actually less noticeable than those that are done badly.  Badly filled lips are so much more obvious and all you notice are the lips, but for all the wrong reasons.

3 ways lip fillers can improve your smile

The right lip fillers for you

Lip fillers should enhance the rest of your facial features and balance with them.  Lip fillers should not over power or look disproportionate to the rest of your face.

When you visit Austin Brewer you can be assured that you are in the best possible hands for your lip filler treatment.  First time getting lip fillers? read more about the process and what to expect here.

Creativity and artistry is so very important when you chose your aesthetic practitioner. 

Why a medical practitioner is best for lip fillers

There are a lot of things your practitioner needs to think about when you have lip filler.  Firstly and most importantly there is the medical aspect that needs to be addressed.  There is no getting around the fact that you should only be choosing a medical professional for your injectable treatments.

When you choose correctly, your medically trained injector will have such a deep understanding of what lies beneath your skin. Having the very important knowledge of where all those little veins and arteries is invaluable. 

The complications vary that can arise from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Injectors who are not medically trained or that have bad injection technique, both of which can cause permanent damage.  Or incorrectly placed filler that can cause necrosis are not risks worth taking.  On a less medically serious note, but still an important fact. Your lip fillers will not look beautiful and natural they will most likely look fake, unbalanced and lumpy. 

Don’t risk an outcome that could potentially result in your lips looking worse than before you had treatment.  This is where the term “trout pout” or the “duck look” has originated from. Because of injectors that do not know where to place the lip filler. And importantly how to balance the treatment with the rest of your facial features.

Austin Brewer is an artistic and medically skilled lip filler expert.  Over 17 years, he has perfected his art.  Providing his clients with only the most natural and beautiful results. 

So what are the 3 ways lip fillers can improve your smile?, read on to find out more.

Asymmetry in the lips

Although we all have asymmetry in our faces – one side is never identical to the other.  When the asymmetry is in your lips and it’s noticeable, it can be frustrating and sometimes upsetting.  When your lips are very uneven it can even affect your speech and even how you eat.  The causes of lip asymmetry vary, but can include tissue imbalance or muscle weakness.  Lip asymmetry can happen in one or both lips.

Luckily, if you want to make your lips more even, there is a way.  Lip fillers or lip augmentation can provide the answer.  Austin Brewer can use lip injections of Hyaluronic acid to even out the shape of your lips.  Austin will use his creativity and artistry to create symmetry in your lips.  All without making them look too big or fake. The effects are immediate and will last approx 1 year to 18 months. Longevity of lip fillers varies from person to person. Your own health and lifestyle all impact how long they actually will last.  There is little to no downtime as lip fillers are a non surgical procedure.  You will be able to continue with your day after treatment.   Dermal lip fillers are an ideal solution to lip asymmetry. 

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, technically know as gingival. Happens when you smile and too much of your gum above your top teeth is on show.  Gummy smiles occur for different reasons; short upper lip, excessive gum tissue or small teeth – all of these causes are genetic.  

There are a number of ways that can correct a gummy smile. Surgery, dental work or botox can all be used effectively.  However lip fillers can also help.  By creating a plumper, fuller lip, it will recede less when you smile. Thereby showing less of the gum above the teeth. The added bonus of using dermal fillers for a gummy smile is that they have the added benefit of fixing any fine lines (lipstick or smokers) that you may have around your lips.

Smokers and lipstick lines

Dermal lip fillers are excellent for treating smokers and lipstick lines around the mouth.  Austin Brewer can administer the fillers to give you a subtle improvement in the fullness of your lips. He can define the lip line, also known as the vermillion border. Or he can simply fill the vertical lines around the mouth area.  The exact way the fillers are used to correct the lines around the mouth are unique to the individual. 

Unfortunately these lines can prematurely age the rest of your face. It is best not to wait until the lines are very deep. As treatment for the vertical upper lip lines is much more effective when caught early.  However, deeper one can be treated, along with the other lines that maybe causing concern that surround the mouth area.  The nose to mouth lines also known as nasolabial lines. The mouth to chin lines, these are known as marionette lines.  These dermal filler treatments can also treat what we know as “sad mouth”. The term unfortunately comes due to gravity along with the ageing process.  

3 ways Lip Fillers can improve your smile

The right advice

Austin Brewer will offer you advice that is appropriate for you.  As with all treatments not everyone is the same, which is why Austin offers free consultations.  You can discuss your concerns with a leading aesthetic expert and not feel obligated in any way.  You will then be armed with the knowledge to make a decision that is right for you, and whether you choose to go ahead with a injectable treatment.

Feeling self conscious about your mouth and smile can make a big impact to your life on so many levels.  Not wanting to communicate fully, smile or be expressive is an awful way to feel.  We have put together this “3 ways lip fillers can improve your smile” as a guide to initially provide some options. Austin Brewer can offer you free consultation and full assessment to see if he can help.  Whether it’s with lip fillers or botox for lips or perhaps a combination of the two.  Austin will be able to give you honest advice about what treatments can make the difference to you.

Here at Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics clinic we want you to feel comfortable at all times.  Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance.  We understand that when you are first looking for an injectable treatment it can be a little daunting.  

Choosing the right practitioner for your lip fillers

When choosing a facial aesthetics practitioner it is always incredibly important, to only allow a medically trained expert with plenty of experience near your face with a needle.  

Dermal fillers in the UK for some inexplicable reason can be administered by beauticians; this as I’m sure you can imagine is not safe.  We would simply say to avoid a beautician offering dermal fillers at all costs.  

Lip fillers are a medically non invasive treatment, inferior product and bad injection technique can end in disaster.  We have had the unfortunate experience too many times, trying to help someone who went for the cheap deal.  You can imagine how upset these people are, when the person who administered the lip filler disappears or blocks them on social media.

Those cheap deals that you see advertised are cheap for a reason. Did you know dermal fillers can be bought online from black market sources for about £3?. Does anyone know what is in them – no. Still interested in that cheap deal?.  

A leading aesthetics practitioner

Austin has over 17 years experience and uses a reputable UK pharmacy with a prescription to obtain dermal fillers for treatments in his clinic. Austin Brewer offers excellent treatments that are fairly priced. You are paying for the expertise to administer the filler and also the medical knowledge to keep you safe if the need should arise.  Please don’t worry though, complications are rare.

When you are a client with Austin Brewer.  Your journey with us for your aesthetic procedure, whether it’s your first or you 91st!! Is always important.  We are always available to answer any questions you may have, no matter how small or crazy you think they may be.  Don’t worry just pick up the phone and ask us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Austin Brewer Facial aesthetics soon.

Book you free consultation with Austin now by calling directly on 07823 883888 and find out the 3 ways lip fillers can improve your smile.