How to find a Facial Aesthetic Practitioner (otherwise known as magic person who can get rid of your wrinkles!)

So we all know how much info is out there on the big ol’ World Wide Web, but just how much of that information is reputable? Just because it’s in black and white (or any other colour for that matter!) doesn’t mean to say it’s true…….

So where do you start when trying to find a facial aesthetics practitioner……

When you’ve done some research and found a few that you like the sound / look of give them a call and arrange a skin consultation (which if it’s not free should ring some alarm bells straight away)

Before you visit make a list of questions that you want to ask about your specific cosmetic treatment but also make sure you check their practising credentials, insurance and ask them how often they do these procedures and how long they have worked in the industry –  Dr’s and Dentists as well as nurses are qualified  to carry out these treatments (not beauty therapists), for most it’s usually their secondary job and they’re not doing it every day, so ask, because a aesthetic practitioner who solely does facial aesthetics will most likely have much more experience as that’s all they’re doing each and every day.

When you actually visit, what feel do you get from the place, does it look clean? Does the practitioner take time to answer all those questions that you have, or do you feel hurried or worse, pressurised? If you want, take a friend, this should never be a problem to the aesthetic practitioner, then at least you can compare notes after!

Going ahead with cosmetic treatment, such as lip fillers or Botox© in Bournemouth, should only happen when you feel completely happy and safe, if this is straight after your skin consultation then go ahead, but if you want take some more time to think things over – the aesthetic practitioner will have no problem with this decision and don’t worry you’re not wasting anyones time!

For even more info have a look at the rest of our website and if you have any questions, no matter how silly you think they may be! If you want to know more about our chemical peels, dermal roller treatments or any of our other services, why not have that free skin consultation? Give us a call  and we can book you in – 07823 883888



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