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First Time Getting Lip Fillers – What To Expect

Getting lip fillers for the first time

As more and more people are considering lip fillers for the first time, the need for accurate guidance about the lip filler procedure is now much more important than ever.

Worryingly, lip filler injections are being carried out by non-medically trained people eg: beauticians.  Unfortunately the implications of this are becoming more widely known with complications and horror stories becoming more and more common place.

Natural lip fillers with the right practitioner

But please do not let this put you off trying lip fillers for the first time.  Austin Brewer will give you all the advice and guidance that you need.  Right from when you arrive for your first consultation, to when you leave after your post procedure 2 week check up.  You will have the lips that you have always dreamed of.

The first thing we must always insist upon is to only ever chose a medical professional for any injectable procedure.  By doing so, this immediately ensures that you are in the safest hands throughout your treatment.

How much lip filler should I get?

Right, so where do we start, I’m sure that you have done a lot of research with our trusty friend google!.  But of course you still have questions, and you want some advice face to face.  People talk about 1ml of lip filler without really knowing how much that is….(It barely fills 1/4 of a teaspoon).  Daily we have lots of enquiries from people asking “How much do you charge for 1ml of lip filler?”.  However it’s not that simple, the price isn’t just for the “filler” as we don’t sell filler – it’s not like comparing tins of baked beans at the supermarket!.  The price also includes the experience and the artistry of the aesthetic practitioner that is administering the filler.   Not to mention of course the medical expertise of how to inject the filler.  One of the other important factors to consider too, all of our fillers are purchased on prescription through a UK pharmacy.  We would never buy fillers via an unorthodox route such as a cheap filler website, who knows what you could be having injected in to your face?.

Whilst we appreciate the price is an important factor for everyone.  When you are considering any facial injectable treatment, it is not the right time to try and get a bargain deal.   You will never achieve the real results that are possible with a reputable injector when you go with the “cheapest”.  Cheap is always cheap for a reason, and sometimes ends up costing more to be put right.  But don’t automatically think you need to be charged a fortune to get the best either!.

How much do lip fillers cost?

There is always someone offering a “cheap lip filler deal” this is because they are using “cheap lip filler”!.  I doubt it will last you much beyond 6 months if you’re very lucky.  More and more cheap deals and clinics are popping up and they are disappearing just as quickly.  Sadly they are leaving behind a trail of destruction too.  When the people who have had treatments with them, try to get things put right, only to find there is no-one to help them when things sadly, but inevitably go wrong.  Austin Brewer often has the unfortunate job of trying to correct their work, so we speak from experience, 17 years of experience in fact. 

At Austin Brewer Facial Aesthetics we know what we are are talking about and have built a reputation of trust over the years.  For an accurate price on lip fillers for you personally, you will need to have a face to face consultation with an aesthetics practitioner. It’s not as simple as phoning a few practitioners to get a price over the phone – how on earth would they know how much filler you would need?.

So what should I expect the first time I have lip fillers?

At Austin Brewer we always start with a free consultation.  This is so that you can take the time to ask as many questions as you like.  Austin will also be able to asses your lip shape, asymmetry and the rest of your facial features during this consultation.  This is when you will be able to find out how much filler will be needed, how much it will cost and what the realistic outcome of having lip fillers will be.  There are so many factors to consider for each individual.  Sadly this individual analysis is so often overlooked by many injectors and the same treatment is administered to everyone, whether it suits their lip shape and the rest of their face or not.

How much is 1ml of lip filler?

How much filler you should have will be dependent on the shape and size of your lips already.  1ml for one person will look completely different on another who may have extremely thin but wide lips.  In this situation 1ml will not make much of a difference.  If you want to eliminate smoker / lipstick lines more filler will sometimes be needed.  As it will need to be used as an outline to your lips too.  So as you can see there’s more to just getting a price for 1ml of filler.

Going ahead with lip filler injections.

You will leave your consultation with Austin armed with all the information you need, to make an informed decision about having your lip fillers.  Once you have decided lip fillers is a treatment for you.  Austin will be able to arrange with you a suitable day and time for you to have the procedure.

Arriving on the day of your lip fillers treatment.

Do lip fillers hurt with numbing cream?

Please don’t be nervous – Austin will always ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.  We provide an excellent numbing cream.  Which can be applied and working whilst you medical notes are completed.  The numbing cream will help alleviate any discomfort you may feel during your treatment.

Once it’s time for treatment, Austin will go ahead and inject your lips.  All the time ensuring you are completely comfortable and at ease.  The fillers we use also contain lidocaine.  So this will provide extra numbing during the procedure.

Lip Fillers in Bournemouth & Poole

How long do lips stay swollen after filler injections?

Whilst it is rare to bruise, it can happen.  Swelling will also usually occur.  Everyone’s sensitivity to both will be a very individual experience. Generally swelling will begin to subside after 24 hours.  By the time you come in for your post procedure 2 week check, your lips should be feeling perfectly natural.

How long does it take for lip fillers to feel normal?

After lip filler treatment your lips can feel tender and a little strange.  The important thing is to try not to touch them too much.  You can wear lipstick after lip fillers.  We would suggest being very gentle though.  We have been asked over the years many questions about lip fillers and what not to do after lip filler treatment.  The answer to many of them can be found over on our frequently asked questions about lip fillers page. 

What not to do after lip fillers?

We always advise to leave them alone as much as possible for the first 24 hours.  This will assist with avoiding any risk of infection and possible accidental movement of the filler placement.  Don’t worry though filler moving around is very rare, as you would have to rub hard to move it.  once the filler is settled it will not move!.  Your lips will be fully recovered and feel normal over the next week or so and will not feel hard or lumpy.

How long do lip fillers last?

The lip filler results will last up to 18 months.  Everyone is unique and you own health and lifestyle will dictate how long your fillers will actually last.

All you need to do now is enjoy your beautiful natural lip enhancement.  Having plump and shapely lips everyday without the need for plumping lipsticks!.

Would you like to book a free consultation for your lip fillers in our Bournemouth Clinic?.  Contact Austin Brewer now on 07823 883888 .  To arrange your free consultation for natural, beautiful and plump lip enhancements.