Medical Skin Peels – A Guide

Everyone wants to look as young and vibrant as possible. That means slowing the visible effects of ageing, and that can sometimes be a challenge. Medical grade skin peels are a fantastic option when it comes to giving your skin a noticeable surge of replenishment, colour and quality.  Continue reading to discover more about the chemical skin peels.  Available at Austin Brewer’s facial aesthetics skin clinic in Bournemouth.

What is a Medical Grade Skin Peel?

Designed as a treatment for skin-ageing, facial lines, over-pigmentation and facial acne.  Medical grade chemical peels can only be carried out by professional, registered nurses or doctors.  It encourages cell renewal through stimulation and repair to rejuvenate your appearance.

Do I need a Medical Grade Chemical Peel?

If your skin doesn’t appear as smooth as you’d like it to be and is interrupted by wrinkles, fine lines, skin discolouration or acne.  Then medical grade skin peels could be perfect for you.  Face peels will also smooth and soothe the texture of your skin.

How is a Chemical Peel applied?

The treatment takes approximately between 15 and 30 minutes.  A thin coating of a special solution is applied to your skin.

Will it hurt?

When the solution is spread across your skin you may feel a slight stinging feeling.  This can relieve this with a fan as the solution dries. Skin peels are highly popular because, in most cases, they require very little down-time. Over the next few days your skin will feel tight. On the 3rd or 4th day the skin will start to peel like sunburn, leaving clear fresh skin below.

Are there any risks?

There is only a risk if you force the face peel off by picking at any loose skin after the treatment. The peeling needs to happen naturally or there could be a risk of scarring.

What should I do prior to having a skin peel?

This will be discussed in your consultation.  Usually it is best to regularly exfoliate your skin for 2 weeks prior your peel as this will aide the treatment

What should I do after the treatment?

Avoid washing your face until the day after the face peel.  Then wash gently and moisturise to encourage optimum effects. You should also avoid the sun without SPF for at least 6 weeks after to avoid pigmentations.

How often should I have a Medical Skin Peel treatment?

For maximum benefit we recommend a course of treatments.  Austin will consult and advise you on the recommended number of face peels to optimise the results.  At Austin Brewer’s clinic, free skin consultations are available to all new and existing clients to discuss any treatment.

If you would like more information about chemical skin peels in Bournemouth, or about our other skin treatments, such as dermaroller treatments, get in touch with aesthetic practitioner Austin Brewer on 07823 883 888 and book your free skin consultation today.