How To Find A Botox & Filler Practitioner

Find a Botox & Filler practitioner Bournemouth & Poole

Looking for the right Botox & Filler practitioner is becoming an important consideration for many consumers. This is mainly due to the drop in average age of clients for cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and Botox.  Also because the number of unhappy botched procedures have increased over the last few years.

Don’t be one of the thousands making the mistake by choosing the wrong Botox & Filler practitioner.  Leaving you with undesirable results. Austin Brewer’s skin clinic in Bournemouth are here to help you find the right practitioner to make you feel more confident.

Where do you start your search in looking for a Botox & Filler practitioner?

Firstly, it is vital that your aesthetic practitioner is using the very best, high-quality facial aesthetics products.  Ensure you attend a thorough face to face consultation before going ahead with any facial aesthetics treatment. Check that their products are sourced from a UK pharmacy with a valid prescription.  Avoid any practitioner that has imported fake/black market products.  These products do not meeting strict UK government legislation and could have serious side effects on your health.  Make the effort to do your research.  You will thank us in the long run!

What should you look for in an aesthetic practitioner?

Look for someone who is a fully qualified and trained healthcare professional.   Also someone who is artistic and can make facial aesthetics treatment work for your individual features. We also recommend an aesthetic practitioner who is easily contactable and local to your area, with time available to provide you with regular check-ups regarding your treatment. This is essential for post-treatment help and advice.

Using a specialist facial aesthetics clinic also ensures that you are provided with the most knowledgeable service.  Someone who is on hand with medical treatment in the rare case that the worst happens, such as an allergic reaction.

Can you use an aesthetic practitioner from social media?

If you cannot find any other means of contacting the aesthetic practitioner or any important information regarding their experience and qualifications apart from their social media pages, then alarm bells should be ringing.  Don’t be fooled by their number of followers or the reviews.  You never know how authentic this might be.  If you are unhappy with your results or you want to make a complaint, it is very easy for them to press that block button.  There is zero accountability with the social media route – it’s not worth the risk!

What if I need to complain about my aesthetic practitioner?

Before choosing a facial aesthetics practitioner, you should ensure that they have a governing body that will support you if the unfortunate need to complain does arise.  Therefore, using a medical professional is essential, as often beauticians will not have a governing body and will vanish into thin air as soon as you complain, leaving you helpless.

Can I ask my friends for advice?

If your friends provide you with advice, make sure they have your best interests at heart.  We always recommend doing your own research first to ensure that you can put your trust in the aesthetic practitioner, but more importantly that they are a medical professional.  A great practitioner will offer you a free consultation if they are reputable.

Your professional aesthetic practitioner has all the answers you need based on up to date researched medical information, which is all for your well-being and safety.

Should you consider pricing when choosing an aesthetic practitioner?

When undergoing facial aesthetics treatments with an aesthetic practitioner, you are not just paying for the product alone. You pay for the level of experience, clinical advice and administration, professionalism, safety, on-going care and accountability.  Cost should not be the only consideration, as there are other more medically important factors that should come first.

However, the cheapest cosmetic treatments will always be the cheapest for a reason. In other words, the aesthetic practitioner is unlikely to be using the best products and / or the most qualified.  On the other hand, don’t automatically assume the most expensive will be the best.  This can also be an expensive mistake to make if you do not achieve a great result. We’ll say it again: research is key.

Whilst some of the above might seem a little far-fetched, unfortunately we speak from experience. Clients we have helped in the past have often experienced these issues from not choosing the right aesthetic practitioner due to a lack of research.  We would never want you to be the next person walking through our door due to a bad experience elsewhere.  At Austin Brewer in Bournemouth, we want you to have your facial aesthetics treatment done to the highest quality first time.

To receive further advice and to find out more about our professional and specialist facial aesthetics services, such as lip fillers in Poole and Botox® at our Austin Brewer skin clinic, call us on 07823 883888 and we will be happy to assist you. We also offer all patients a free consultation.