Dermal Fillers with Austin Brewer

Dermal Fillers

What are dermal fillers and how do they work?

Dermal fillers are made of hyualronic acid and will counteract the ageing process as you skin starts to become dry and thin.  

Filler injections help to improve the hydration levels in the face and restores lost volume.  

Fillers also help to slim and contour the face, improve skin tone and eliminate wrinkles.  

All dermal fillers used by Austin Brewer at his clinic are 100% hyaluronic acid based and are highly biocompatible.

Our facial fillers are slowly absorbed into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin and works to preserve the skin’s moisture levels.  It is a powerful moisturising agent and helps to boost skin tone.  As we get older, the quantity of Hyaluronic acid located in the dermis decreases with age which will lead to the skin drying out and becoming fragile.  This will lead to the formation of wrinkles as tissues sag over time, and the face becomes hollow.

Austin Brewer is a qualified facial aesthetic practitioner who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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A straight forward procedure

With very little downtime, it’s no wonder that fillers are an optimum way to achieve a youthful and glowing skin but without the inconvenience of having to adjust your day to day life.  Having an injectable filler treatment is a quick and straight forward procedure, when carried out by a medical professional who is proficiently trained.

Nose Fillers – Non Surgical Nose Job

Nose fillers have increased in popularity recently and for good reason.  Nose fillers can literally change the shape of your nose.  When filler is injected in to the correct place it can eliminate a hooked nose.  Also filler can be used around the tip of the nose to create a thinner and more refined look.  You can even lift the tip of the nose using botox as it will target the depressor nasalis – which is the muscle that pulls the nose down.  The obvious benefit is that there is no down time with this type of procedure unlike full surgery (rhinoplasty).   

Non surgical nose job results with Austin Brewer

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are used to enhance the natural line of your cheek bones.  A cheek filler treatment can help lift your facial features and create a more youthful look.  It is an aesthetically pleasing look to have a beautiful and natural curve of your cheekbones.  Sometimes the ageing process and gravity can be unkind, causing a gaunt look. This is where cheek fillers can recreate the lost volume. 

Fillers can also further enhance your cheeks if you would just like a small enhancement to make you cheeks more defined.  Cheek fillers can also have a positive effect to other areas of concern (depending on severity) by creating some softening to nasal labial folds (smile lines) marionette lines (lines from corners of mouth to the chin) and the jowls.

Chin Fillers

Chin fillers may no be the first treatment you think of having, but they can actually make a big difference and actually help balance out the rest of your facial features.  When combined with cheek and jawline filler they can create a heart shaped face – which is a beautiful and desirable look.  Chin fillers can help create structure and in addition can help with jawline fillers to add extra definition.  A small chin can draw more attention to your nose and weaken your entire jawline – so chin filler is an important factor to achieving balance and proportion in the face.

Tear Trough Fillers – Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Under eye filler can treat eye bags and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.  Treatment will importantly eliminate the look of shadows caused form eyes having a “hollow look” by restoring lost volume.  A very effective treatment to reduce the appearance of tiredness.  Under eye filler can in some cases also treat puffy eye bags (known as pseudoherniation of orbital fat).  Under eye filler will not correct dark pigment under the eyes.  Austin can asses to see if tear trough filler is a suitable procedure for you at a free consultation.  This treatment requires precision and should only be carried out by a medical aesthetic practitioner who is very experienced in this particular treatment.

Jawline Fillers

Recommended for creating a strong and more sculpted look.  Jawline fillers will lift, tighten and chisel or slim your jaw.  It is a very effective anti-ageing enhancement procedure.  When we age our skulls lose bone and add to that our cheeks losing their volume, gravity takes over and pulls everything south.  When you lose the framework for you face it can appear jowly and excess skin can hang down, creating the look of a double chin.  This is when jawline fillers can help. 

Jawline fillers require a stronger type of dermal filler as streamlining the jawline requires more structural support from the filler that is placed there.  Sometimes treatment needs to begin higher up the face to correct and restore lost volume.  This starts the lifting process before filler is added to the jawline as unnecessary filler injected in to this area before other issues are addressed can worsen the problem.  Jawline filler placement is also vitally important as if incorrectly placed it can make a feminine jawline look masculine.

Neck Lines & Wrinkles

Neck lines appear over time and are a natural part of the ageing process.  Along with gravity, our necks begin to suffer the unwanted effects of lines and sagging.  However, that’s not to say that we can’t give your neck a little helping hand and turn back the clock.  We are prone to our necks ageing faster due to the dermis being thinner.

Neck line & wrinkle filler with Austin Brewer

Neck wrinkles are also becoming an issue in our modern age due to repeatedly looking down at our phones otherwise known as…Tech neck.  This new term has been used as a reference to how long we all spend looking down at our devices, and sadly our bodies, one way or another pay the price.  Alongside smoking, this seems to be one of the biggest contributors to the lines arriving on our neck prematurely.

Treatment for the neck is straight forward and long lasting.  Using dermal fillers lines on the neck can be smoothed away, leaving the neck looking instantly rejuvenated and youthful.  There is also another treatment for the neck lines, which involves botox, this will also help with the look of lines and “turkey neck” which happens due to sagging platysma muscles.  Both of these treatments provide excellent results in dealing with neck lines.

Décolletage & Décolleté wrinkle treatments with Austin Brewer


Decolletage or Décolleté this delicate area is all too often overlooked until one day the unloved area looks back at you in the mirror and you realise how neglected it has been.   The wrinkles that appear on your décolletage are due to a mixture of factors.  The mains ones are age, sun exposure, gravity and diet.  All of these will have a contributory factor in the breakdown of the collagen and elastin in the middle layers of your skin.

The same as the neck, the décolletage area is also prone to age and sun spots.   These sun and age spots can also be simply treated in clinic.  When the skin is also creased and crepey it can make the skin in this delicate area look much older.  With a dermal filler treatment, the whole décolletage area will show a vast improvement.  The results will leave you with a completely rejuvenated appearance of the skin.  Treatment is long lasting and will enhance the appearance of the décolletage area.


Temple fillers are not a treatment that is discussed very often, in fact a lot of people are not even sure where their temples are.  Just to note – your temples are located either side of your face just above where your cross feet are (or would be!) in line with the tops of your ears.

When your temples are hollow it has an ageing effect as the volume that was once at the top of your face has now shifted to the lower part of your face.  Thus making everything look a little saggy and older.  It is overlooked because it’s not an immediately obvious area to treat.  But the results are brilliant, and it is essential for creating a scaffolding for the rest of your facial filler treatments.  

Temple fillers with Austin Brewer

When temple filler is carried out correctly it can help to address those other more common issues such as the nose to mouth lines (naso-labial lines) and can also reduce lines around the eye and forehead area.  By starting treatment at the top of the face it will naturally start to lift the lower face.  This means that less filler will be required in the lower face.  This is important as too much filler placed incorrectly in the lower half of the face can have the opposite effect of the desire outcome.  Resulting in a puffy pillow-face look, which is something we all want to avoid.

So why are your temples so important?. 

When dermal filler is injected to the temples it creates structure and has a lifting effect for the whole face.  This is not usually a stand alone treatment, but it is the place we start when we want to lift, tighten and refresh the whole face.  It creates the facelift look without having to go under the knife.

Temple fillers are an extremely technical treatment as the area is more complex.  So a thorough understanding of underlying anatomy and advanced training is absolutely essential.

Hand Wrinkle treatment with Austin Brewer

Hand Wrinkles

Hand wrinkles treatment with dermal fillers for hand wrinkles show instant results.  Along with the neck and décolletage, the hands are another area we simply don’t pay enough attention to.  But the hands can show our age just as much as our faces.

Our hands are put through a lot on a day to day basis so they deserve some special attention.  The skin is thin on the backs of our hands.  The ageing process & sun exposure results in loss of volume and again those annoying sun and age spots.

When you have dermal fillers administered for hand wrinkles you will be amazed at the difference this simple procedure can make.  Plumping out the appearance of any raised veins, and generally smoothing out the areas that have lost volume.  The results are always very effective and pleasing.

Dermal lip fillers

Do you want instantly plump lips? All treatments are carried out by Austin, who is a skilled and artistic medical professional.  He works with your facial features to enhance your natural beauty.  Treatment can also help eliminate a gummy smile and through lip volumising techniques, complement the shape, volume and tone of your lips. You can read more about our lip fillers treatment here.

Dermal Fillers with Austin Brewer

Do filler injections hurt?

Our dermal fillers treatments are mostly painless and Austin will ensure you are comfortable at all times.  All fillers are be injected with an ultra-thin needle.  The sensitivity to the treatment will vary depending on the area being treated.

During the facial filler treatment, you may experience a little stinging or throbbing in the treated areas. This slight discomfort will fade away shortly after the initial application. The whole procedure is very simple, and it is designed to provide our patients with guaranteed results.  Once the treatment has been completed, you will be able to resume your normal lifestyle and activities.

How long will it take to work?

The effects of your filler treatment will be immediately noticeable.  There will be mild swelling of the treated areas, but this is only temporary and tends to disappear within 24 hours.

How long will my fillers last?

Dermal fillers tend to last between six and eighteen months.  Austin uses only the very best Juvederm® filler that is clinically proven for it’s natural smooth feeling so once it has settled you won’t feel it at all.  The longevity is dependent on many factors including lifestyle, the volume of dermal fillers used and the areas being treated.