5 Benefits of Lip Fillers

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Are you envious of celebrities like Angelina Jolie for her luscious lips? Would you like to know 5 benefits of lip fillers?. Fuller lips have become a popular trend across the celebrity world for enhancing femininity and beauty. With an increased accessibility of beauty treatments like lip fillers becoming available to the public, plump lips are not just for celebrities.

At Austin Brewer, we are renowned for fulfilling premium cosmetic treatments in the beauty industry, especially lip fillers in Bournemouth. We believe that you should feel confident in your appearance, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing specialist cosmetic treatments that will make you look and feel great.

How do lip fillers work? How long does it last? These are just a couple of questions we will answer when you read our 5 benefits of lip fillers.

Instantly plump lips

Do you want instantly plump lips? The main benefit of undergoing a lip filler treatment is its rapid results. Almost instantly, you will discover the effects of Austin Brewer’s lip fillers in Bournemouth.

Sit down and relax at Austin Brewer’s quick lip filler procedure. Lasting between only thirty minutes to an hour, your treatment will take up only a short amount of your day. Our lip filler treatments are renowned for its quick and instant full lips results.


The first question that many of our clients ask is how long will lip fillers last? When you choose Austin Brewer for your cosmetic treatments, we can guarantee a lip filler remedy that will last. Between six and eighteen months, your lips will be smooth and plump. However, the effect and volume of the procedure is also dependent on each and every client.  Read our previous blog post about how long lip fillers last.

Natural enhancements

Our lip fillers are designed to enhance your natural beauty. We believe that everybody deserves to look and feel gorgeous in their own skin. The lip filler treatment at Austin Brewer uses a natural solution that is present in your skin called Hyaluronic Acid. This product will enhance your natural beauty through the following results:

  • Preserve the moisture on your lips
  • Complement your skin tone
  • Constructs a soft structure, shape and volume

Minimal swelling

With the enhancement of technology in the cosmetic industry, our lip fillers use only biocompatible emulsions. Using the latest solutions to fuller lips, our lip fillers are a safer and lasting alternative to fat infills or collagen.

The Hyaluronic Acid that is injected into the lips occurs naturally in the body. As a result, the lip filler treatment you will receive is allergy-free. A testament to this is the result of minimal swelling and bruising to the skin when we treat you to full, luscious lips.

Lip volume control

If you are worried about the degree of volume you want from your lips, then our lip fillers offer the ideal solution for you. As one of the leading salons for non-invasive cosmetic treatments, Austin Brewer is the place to go for a professional lip filler in Bournemouth.

The injection is simple and effective in giving a volume to your lips that you desire. Our cosmetic beauty practitioners will inject your lips in a controlled environment so that we can manage how plump you want your lips to be.

Get in touch with Austin Brewer for a free consultation and to find out more to enhance your beauty with our lip filler treatments on 07823 883888.