4 Reasons to get Lip Fillers in Bournemouth

Lip fillers in Bournemouth Lip fillers in Poole Lip fillers near me by Austin Brewer using Juvederm®

Want to know 4 good reasons to get lips fillers in Bournemouth?.  Austin Brewer is a leading Dorset practitioner.  Who has helped patients fulfil their beauty goals since 2004 with lip fillers in Bournemouth. Using only the finest products available.  Our lip augmentation procedures provide the best possible results with minimal pain and side effects.

Here are some of the reasons to get lip fillers…

Lasting results

While there are make-up tips and tricks we can use to create the illusion of fuller lips, none of them offer a long term result. Our lip fillers in Bournemouth can leave the lips looking plumper from 6 to 9 months.  So the time you’d usually spend on your lip liner, you can spend catching up on your beauty sleep instead.

Safe procedure

The lip fillers used at Austin Brewer are completely hyaluronic acid based.  As this substance is already naturally present in the body, the chances of allergic reaction to our lip filler treatments are highly unlikely.

Minimal pain

We take care to ensure that our patients experience minimal discomfort during their treatments which we are able to achieve using Lydocaine (numbing cream) and the highest-quality products. We use hyaluronic acid fillers combined with Austin’s administration expertise, resulting in less bruising and swelling.

Be in complete control of your procedure

At Austin Brewer, we ensure that each treatment is personal to you and works with your facial features, there are already too many cartoon looking lips out there! So you can rest assured that you will walk out of Austin’s clinic with the most natural, full lips and with minimal downtime, you can continue with your day, looking great! To see how else Austin Brewer’s lip filler procedures will benefit you, check out our previous blog post on 5 benefits of lip fillers.

What else can Austin Brewer do for me?

As well as lip augmentation, dermal fillers can be used in a range of other facial treatments that can help achieve a more flawless appearance. For more information, read 5 ways you can be sure that dermal fillers will benefit you.

What are you waiting for?

So there are just 4 of the reasons to get lip fillers in bournemouth with Austin Brewer – would you like to know more? Book a free consultation with Austin…

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