Austin Brewer Award Winning Clinic



Austin Brewer of A B Facial Aesthetics is now an award winning clinic.  Austin has been recognised with an award for excellent customer service by private healthcare search engine,  The award is based on feedback by customers over a twelve month period.

Whatclinic Awarded Austin Brewer Prestigious Customer Service Award

WhatClinic awarded the top clinics across the country with awards for excellent customer service, superior satisfaction and consumer feedback. Customers rated clinics based firstly on how well the clinic treated them.  How quickly they were contacted and seen, and particularly how happy they were with the treatment.
Austin Brewer of A B Facial Aesthetics was honoured with the award due to their fantastic customer feedback.  A constant drive to better patient experience.
Austin today said; “We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to customer service.  As a clinic, it is something we absolutely focus on in everything we do.  Likewise to receive such positive feedback from our patients is a great testament to our thorough work.  It’s an area we have been leaders in since 2004.  Now we can proudly say Austin Brewer Award Winning Clinic”.

Austin Brewer “putting the needs of patients first” CEO Caelen King congratulated Austin Brewer.  “Our awards are now in their fifth year and it’s great to see our highest regarded clinics demonstrate reaching the high standards we set in order to receive this awards”.  Caelen went on to say
“Importantly it’s the customer who selects our awards winners, by their clinic ratings in addition to the feedback they leave about service and experience.  We definitely believe that empowering the patient with accurate information is the future of a successful healthcare market.  With these awards we honour clinics that are dedicated to the highest level of customer care and therefore consistently putting the needs of the patient first.”

Finally, we can’t think of a better way to start the year.  To know that Austin Brewer (Award Winning Clinic) has been recognised for being first and foremost dedicated to its clients and service quality. It is really a very proud moment for us.  Last but not least “ Thank you” everyone.