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Non-surgical options using dermal fillers

Cheek, nose, chin, tear trough & jawline filler treatments are becoming more and more popular. With no long-term commitment necessary, these facial treatments will enhance your facial features for a natural and youthful appearance.  If when you look in the mirror, you feel you look a little more tired or saggy than you would like.  Or perhaps have a bump in your nose that you would like to correct? – a facial filler treatment is for you.

Where can Juvederm dermal fillers be used?

A non surgical cheek, nose, chin, tear trough & jawline filler treatment allows you to alter specific areas of your face, without going under the knife.  Juvederm Dermal fillers are applied to specific areas to balance or emphasise your look. If you would like to strengthen your jaw line or highlight your cheekbones, dermal fillers can be used to contour your features.

A ‘non-surgical nose job’ works in the same way.  Facial dermal fillers are inserted to even out unwanted bumps and form a straight line. Austin Brewer can also apply filler to the end of the nose to lift the tip and create an overall thinner illusion.

If you are unhappy with your chin or jawline, a non-surgical facial treatment can be the ideal solution. Juvederm Fillers can be applied to help even out the shape and define the lower half of your face for balanced appearance. Fillers can even be used to eliminate dimples, by adding extra volume where the skin indents.

For those who have lasting scars from acne or chicken pox, non-surgical face lifts can reduce the signs of marks for a smooth and even complexion.

Results from a non-surgical nose job

non surgical nose job before and after picture

Cheek fillers are used to enhance the natural line of your cheek bones.  A cheek filler treatment can help lift your facial features and create a more youthful look.  It is an aesthetically pleasing look to have a beautiful and natural curve of your cheekbones.  Sometimes the ageing process and gravity can be unkind, causing a gaunt look. This is where cheek fillers can recreate the lost volume.  They can also further enhance your cheeks if you would just like a small enhancement to make you cheeks more defined.  Cheek fillers can also have a positive effect to other areas of concern (depending on severity) by creating some softening to nasal labial folds (smile lines) marionette lines (lines from corners of mouth to the chin) and the jowls.

Nose fillers have increased in popularity recently and for good reason.  Nose fillers can literally change the shape of your nose.  When filler is injected in to the correct place it can eliminate a hooked nose.  Also filler can be used around the tip of the nose to create a thinner and more refined look.  You can even lift the tip of the nose using botox as it will target the depressor nasalis – which is the muscle that pulls the nose down.  The obvious benefit is that there is no down time with this type of procedure unlike full surgery (rhinoplasty).   

Chin fillers may no be the first treatment you think of having, but they can actually make a big difference and actually help balance out the rest of your facial features.  When combined with cheek and jawline filler they can create a heart shaped face – which is a beautiful and desirable look.  Chin fillers can help create structure and in addition can help with jawline fillers to add extra definition.  A small chin can draw more attention to your nose and weaken your entire jawline – so chin filler is an important factor to achieving balance and proportion in the face.  

Under eye filler can treat eye bags and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.  Treatment will importantly eliminate the look of shadows caused form eyes having a “hollow look” by restoring lost volume.  A very effective treatment to reduce the appearance of tiredness.  Under eye filler can in some cases also treat puffy eye bags (known as pseudoherniation of orbital fat).  Under eye filler will not correct dark pigment under the eyes.  Austin can asses to see if tear trough filler is a suitable procedure for you at a free consultation.  This treatment requires precision and should only be carried out by a medical aesthetics practitioner who is very experienced in this particular treatment.

Recommended for creating a strong and more sculpted look.  Jawline fillers will lift, tighten and chisel or slim your jaw.  It is a very effective anti-ageing enhancement procedure.  When we age our skulls lose bone and add to that our cheeks losing their volume, gravity takes over and pulls everything south.  When you lose the framework for you face it can appear jowly and excess skin can hang down, creating the look of a double chin.  This is when jawline fillers can help.  Jawline fillers require a stronger type of dermal filler as streamlining the jawline requires more structural support from the filler that is placed there.  Sometimes treatment needs to begin higher up the face to correct and restore lost volume.  This starts the lifting process before filler is added to the jawline as unnecessary filler injected in to this area before other issues are addressed can worsen the problem.  

Facial filler results

Dermal filler results are instant. Unlike surgery, non-surgical facial treatments are fast and requires no anaesthetic. A slight swelling may occur but will settle after 24 hours.

The results will usually last between six and eighteen months. The length of results will vary depending on the volume of filler used to achieve the desired effect.

It is important to note that although dermal fillers for treating these areas of concern can truly create amazing results.  They can lift, slim and contour your face.  But in the wrong hands they can actually make the initial problems worse, as incorrectly placed filler will create a heavy look and feel.   As a medical aesthetic practitioner Austin Brewer has exceptional experience and artistry in all of the treatments mentioned – creating optimal results for every client.

How much are facial fillers?

The total cost of your cosmetic treatment will be priced according to the quantity and type of filler you require.

At our clinic we use only the highest quality and clinically proven dermal fillers from top brands such as Juvéderm.

At Austin Brewer you can be assured that you will be in the best possible hands.  Austin has been creating beautiful and natural results with fillers since 2004.  Austin has a truly creative and artistic eye.  His work will always enhance and compliment your facial features.

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