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Non Surgical Facelift

What is a non surgical facelift and how does it work?

A non surgical or liquid facelift is a facelift which involves dermal fillers and Botox® injected into many areas of the face. This contours the facial features and mimics the results of a surgical facelift without the need for surgery.

The dermal fillers and Botox® are used to minimise or erase wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, or to restore natural, curved facial contours. It gives a more rested and energetic look. Many recommend a non surgical facelift for jowls as the filler lifts and tightens the skin when applied around the neck. Dermal fillers from Austin brewer are hyaluronic acid based and highly biocompatible.

Will a liquid facelift hurt?

Our liquid facelifts in Bournemouth are mostly painless, as the dermal filler and Botox® is injected in such small amounts. We use ultra-thin needles, but the sensitivity of the liquid facelift depends on which area of the face is injected.

During or after the treatment, you may experience some stinging or throbbing in the treated areas. This feeling will fade quickly and you can resume a normal lifestyle as soon as you leave our liquid facelift centre.

How long does a non surgical | liquid facelift last?

Liquid face lifts can last one to two years, depending on the area of the face treated. You can expect almost immediate results with slight swelling, which disappears within 24 hours.

Where can I have a liquid facelift?

Austin Brewer is a fully qualified facial aesthetic practitioner with over 25 years experience in dermal fillers.

Book a free consultation at our liquid facelift skin clinic centre to discover how we can transform your facial features and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Contact us for a liquid facelift in Bournemouth and liquid facelift costs on 07823 883888.