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Botox and Lip Filler Correction and Removal

In the past few years, there has been a rise in dermal filler treatments for noses, cheeks and lips and other areas. Unfortunately, there has also been a rise in practitioners and beauticians engaging in malpractice, with little to no training or artistry.  With more and more clients receiving unacceptable cosmetic treatments, we have developed a bespoke correctional treatment service, including Botox correction and lip filler removal.

What is Correctional Treatment?

You might consider having lip filler or Botox correction if you have been to an aesthetic practitioner and are dissatisfied with the results. This bespoke correction service uses products designed to dissolve face and lip fillers. Our facial aesthetic experts are also able to offer treatments to correct Botox that has been poorly administered.

Can Botox and dermal fillers be reversed?

Botox can’t be reversed but if you are unhappy with the finished look, we can correct common problems with various Botox correction techniques. Complications and adverse effects are usually the results of poor technique, which is why it’s important to visit a reputable aesthetic practitioner.

However, Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and lip fillers can be removed with an enzyme injection which dissolves the filler instantly. Book your free consultation where we will be happy to discuss the best solution for your filler or Botox correction.

What does Correction Treatment cost?

The cost of lip filler removal or other aesthetic corrections can vary depending on the circumstances and the look you want to achieve. As this is a bespoke service, we recommend booking a consultation with us at Austin Brewer in Bournemouth. Once we have given you our professional advice, we’ll offer you a quote based on the cosmetic treatment.

For more information on Austin Brewer’s Botox and Lip Filler Correction and Removal service contact us on 07823 883888 and book your consultation today. Austin Brewer has over 25 years in the medical profession are dedicated to providing exceptional results. Get in touch with Austin Brewer in Bournemouth for your free consultation.

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