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Botox in Poole

What is Botox?

Botox (or Botulinum Toxin Type A) was used in medical procedures for years before it was recognised for its wrinkle smoothing properties in cosmetic treatments. Botox is a wrinkle treatment in Poole which can be injected into the muscles and reduces the muscle activity in the injected area.


Did you know that Botox is the best anti ageing treatment? Did you know that the NHS will offer Botox for medical conditions and offer guidelines for finding a practitioner for cosmetic botox?.  This wrinkle eliminating procedure will see you saying goodbye to deep set wrinkles and fine lines alike.

Austin Brewer can also use botox to give a brow lift, which lifts the eyebrows to open up the face, giving a fresh youthful look.  So no more frowning, crows feet or forehead lines.

There is only one botox in a bottle and it needs to be administered by a medical professional.  No face cream will ever do what botox can, no matter what the claims on the label.  We use the original and the best botox which is Allergan’s Botox – they are among the world leaders in cosmetic and medical injectables.

Wrinkles will be eliminated, you will be left with smooth natural results, and you will still be able to move your eyebrows!.

How does Botox work?

As a highly refined protein, Botox stops a chemical called acetylcholine being released in the nerve endings, which prevents the muscle from contracting. In turn, this acts as an effective wrinkle treatment.

How much does Botox hurt?

Everyone has a slightly different pain threshold. However, Botox treatment in Poole at our skin clinic is often described as having the same level of discomfort as plucking a hair from your eyebrow.

How long does Botox last?

The effects of Botox will approximately last 3 months, however this varies depending on the person. After undergoing Botox treatment in Poole, the effects will gradually wear off.

Which areas can I get Botox?

Botox may be injected into the facial muscles that are cause wrinkles, such as:

  • Around the eye area – crows feet
  • Across the forehead – horizontal lines
  • Frown lines above the bridge of the nose, between the eyes – glabella – 11’s
  • On the chin and jawline – dimpled

Austin Brewer offers free consultations for all of his botox treatments Poole, this is because we understand it is completely natural to have questions about Botox and even to be a little nervous.  This is why we always say to avoid practitioners who solely advertise on social media.

We cannot emphasise how important it is to only trust a medical professional with your botox injections.

There are some horrendous cases out there and unfortunately more and more here in Bournemouth & Poole as seen in this article from The Daily Mail

Complications are rare – but it’s much safer to be in a clinic dedicated to facial cosmetic injectables rather than a beauty salon.  We have the necessary equipment to deal with any complications that could possibly arise, along with Austin, who is of course a fully qualified nurse.  Ps.  We have never seen any issues arise – but always better to be prepared and stay safe.

Where can I get Botox in Poole?

You can receive Botox in Poole from experienced facial aesthetic practitioner, Austin Brewer. Austin Brewer specialises in Botox, as well as wrinkle treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about Botox near you and the surrounding Dorset area, plus other cosmetic treatments at Austin Brewer, please contact us on 07823 883888 or arrange a free Botox consultation.

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