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Does skin needling work on cellulite?

Cellulite is a burden that 85% of women must bear. Although it is so common, the orange peel appearance on our thighs and bums can make us feel insecure and unattractive. Even on the beach, many women prefer to hide their cellulite. Here we talk about why cellulite occurs for so many of us and the cosmetic treatment that can help you feel great in your own skin!

What is cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when the fats in the skin is unevenly distributed through layers of collagen fibres or connective tissue. This can cause a bumpy, uneven appearance.

Factors that can increase cellulite

There are many reasons why cellulite may build up in the thighs or buttocks. The most common cause of cellulite is due to natural hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy. Estrogen can affect lymphatic circulation, which weakens connective tissue and build cellulite. Physical factors can increase the appearance of cellulite, such as weight gain or a lack of muscle tone. In fact, anything that disrupts your blood circulation can build cellulite, even smoking!

How does skin needling help cellulite?

There are numerous products on the market, claiming to reduce cellulite. But creams, moisturisers and wraps do not penetrate the skin deep enough to have a significant effect.

Dermarollers, or skin needling is a more effective than toning creams and a lower-risk than permanent surgery. Dermaroller treatments work by rolling tiny needles across the skins surface. The small pricks in the skin stimulates the body to generate collagen, which repairs the skin and rejuvenates its appearance.

Although you can buy dermarollers to use at home, you can achieve a much more effective result by visiting an aesthetic practitioner. An experienced practitioner has training ad qualifications to conduct the treatment with professional tools and in a clean, safe environment.

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