3 Ways You Can Contour Your Face and Jaw Using Fillers

Celebrities, make-up artists and social media influencers have been using contouring for years to enhance and create a more flattering facial appearance. Using a combination of concealer, bronzer and highlighter, contouring can give the illusion of prominent cheekbones, a slimmer nose and a more defined jawline. Although this makeup process can achieve good results, it requires a lot of skill, product and time. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the world’s top makeup artists in the morning.

A much more effective alternative is using dermal fillers to remodel and emphasis your facial features. Facial fillers provide definition and contour your features without the need for heavy makeup or plastic surgery.
Interested in finding out more? Read on to discover three ways you can contour your face with fillers:

Strengthen your jawline

It may be hard to accept for some, but a strong jawline isn’t always the result of a healthy diet. Genetics play a huge part in whether you have a narrow jawline. If your jawbone is closer to your neck, it can appear less defined. Age can also play a part in a changing jawline, but the effects of ageing can be reduced without the need for invasive surgery. If you’re unhappy with your current jawline, facial remodelling using dermal fillers may be a suitable option for you.

If your jawline is sagging, inserting dermal fillers into the areas with excess skin can add volume and fill out any drooping areas. A facial aesthetic practitioner can sculpt and shape the jawline by just adding a small amount of filler into these key areas.

If you have dimples or lines on or around your chin and jawline, these too can be filled in with chin and jaw fillers by adding in volume to any skin indents. The results are immediate and can help restore a youthful appearance.
Fillers can be applied to help even out shape and define the lower half of your face for a more balanced appearance. They can also soften jowls and correct the appearance of your side profile.

Slimmer nose

Non-surgical facial remodelling can also be used to give the appearance of a slimmer nose.

If you don’t want to commit to plastic surgery but would like a bump in your nose straightened out or would like it to appear slenderer, this can be achieved using dermal fillers. This is a great option for patients who would just like a small correction without surgery. Reshaping can be achieved quickly and comfortably and is becoming a popular alternative to rhinoplasty.

Highlight your cheekbones

Some patients want to enhance the appearance of their cheekbones. This alone can make a huge difference to their face shape and confidence. Dermal fillers add volume to sunken areas and give the appearance of contoured cheekbones.

Non-surgical facial remodelling can perfect facial proportions and enhance natural beauty. Austin Brewer only uses 100% hyaluronic acid-based fillers which are highly biocompatible.

Treatments are mostly painless and are injected using an ultra-thin needle. Sometimes patients will feel a slight discomfort, but this fades soon after the application.

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