Austin Brewer’s BACN and Hamilton Fraser Accreditations – What do they mean?

Getting non-surgical cosmetic surgery requires a degree of trust & confidence in your practitioner. Austin Brewer has a vast wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge as a professional practitioner. Find out exactly why you’re in safe hands with Austin Brewer in Bournemouth:


Austin Brewer is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. The BACN is a community of specialists in the field of cosmetic medicine that strive to strengthen the practice by working together. With 600 registered nurses, members continue to push for quality by sharing advice, research and training.

This enables each of the practitioners to improve their service and provide the very best cosmetic treatments. Each and every member of the BACN provides an ethical, safe and highly trustworthy practice – a practice that ensures you’re in safe hands.

Having been founded in 2010, the BACN has since created a code of practice that practitioners abide by, to further reassure you that everything your nurse does has been tried and trusted by a board of professionals.

Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Liability Insurance

Austin Brewer’s practice is so well trusted that he has full coverage from Hamilton Fraser for Cosmetic Insurance. Only the finest practitioners can be insured, having earned a superb standard of practice – a standard that Austin has strived for ever since he started.

Austin Brewer is covered for dermal fillers & Botox® in Bournemouth at his private clinic. With the press frequently revealing bad practice, it can be highly reassuring that Austin Brewer has established full, dedicated cover for carrying out dermal fillers and Botox treatments.

Trust only the very best. Get in touch with Austin Brewer for a range of treatments including new Thermavein, dermal fillers and Botox treatment in Bournemouth. Call 07823 883888.

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