Austin Brewer on UK Talk Radio: Lip Fillers

Recently, facial aesthetic practitioner Austin Brewer appeared on UK Talk Radio.  Discussing the treatment of lip fillers and some of the worries clients initially have after the procedure.

With many celebrities often choosing lip fillers as a way of enhancing appearance, this treatment has become common amongst the general public.

What are lip fillers?

 The lip fillers Austin Brewer uses are hyaluronic, acid-based fillers. The fillers are injected into the lips in order to add volume or correct certain areas of your lips you may want to treat.

Why is it people sometimes get an unnatural image when using lip fillers?

 With many lip fillers being similar in their potential to enhance appearance, it’s more dependant on the skill of the practitioner as to whether good or bad results are achieved. Austin Brewer says “its up to the artistic side of your facial practitioner. If they’re not that artistic, you’re not going to get an artistic job”.

Would you take other facial features into account when giving someone lip enhancements?

We definitely look at the whole face to see what style would fit most seamlessly with the other features. For example, if we are doing one of our cosmetic treatments on someone who has really strong eyes, we want to compliment these and, as Austin Brewer states, “not overshadow them with a ridiculously-sized pair of lips”.

Do people often come to you wanting these big lips that they’ve seen?

What often happens is that people become fixated on one part of their body they are not happy with. Here we often need to tell people to slow down, take a step back and focus on the entire face and not just one part of it. Using lip fillers is a great way to improve the entire facial appearance so that “everything fits into this nice equilateral triangle”.

What is the process when someone comes to you wanting lip fillers?

We have a free skin consultation with all treatments. Here people usually come in with photos of how they want to look. However, every lip filler treatment we do is bespoke to the client as everyone wants slightly different results. After the process, there is swelling over the following week. It’s here we need to reassure people that their lips will reduce in size.

Do the lip fillers need topping up?

Yes, every 6 months a top up is required as slowly the body does try to break down the filler.

We hope you enjoyed Austin Brewer on Uk Talk Radio – stay tuned until next time…

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